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Last year, we wrote up a quick WWDC takeaway for professionals, however, since this year’s announcements were far more lack-lustre, we left the summaries to the likes of the Verge, and prefer instead to discuss one specific detail that deserves a little more attention: “Apple News.”

The News app will be replacing the traditional “Newsstand” that has been around for many generations of iOS, and will instead curate news from various publications, websites and blogs tailored to the user’s preferences. While the concept in itself is in no way novel (think Flipboard, which has been doing this for years), Apple has always preferred market readiness and good timing over novelty anyway.

So where does timing enter in this case? Well, consider this commentary an extension of a prediction Vordik made three weeks ago. As with Google and Twitter joining forces, the coming of Apple News means that people are ready to consume media in a different way. The new app will bring a mix of speed, credibility and personalization, which we had previously mentioned is the ideal formula for new media consumption. The unique aspect that Apple brings to the table this time is the internalization of the process of reading news. As Apple fanatics already know, there is nothing quite like the convenience of having all of your devices communicate seamlessly from iMac to iPad to iPhone (and now Apple Watch), and there is no reason this shouldn’t encompass the news.

The other differentiator is Apple’s leverage of its expertise in design. The experience will read like a nicely laid out digital magazine, creating an ambience the company’s clientele is accustomed to.

Apple will continue to work with its established media partners and looks to be adding a few major names to the roster soon as well. As such, this strategic move should stir things up and cause a defensive reaction from competitors such as Facebook and Flipboard.