Medical Records

Apple is testing a way to give iPhone user easy access to their medical records through the Health app.

Apple chief operating officer (COO) Jeff Williams confirmed the test to CNBC.

The test confirms rumors that came out in June about Apple’s healthcare initiative.

For iPhone and Apple Watch Owners

A Mashable article said the feature, which would be offered to iPhone and Apple Watch owners once the iOS 11.3 update to be released later this year, is meant to change how people access and track their medical history.

Reports said that with the Health app, an iPhone or Apple Watch user can add a health provider in the health records section.

With just a few taps, a user can have access to your records, provided that his or her healthcare provider has an agreement.

Healthcare Providers and Third-Party Vendors

Healthcare providers work with third-party vendors who maintain a program that allows hospitals and doctors’ offices to provide electronic health records to patients.

At the moment, Apple has formed partnerships with three such companies to make it possible for their software to be integrated with the Health app.

Mashable said that of the hospitals that work with those companies, 12 are taking part in the initial beta, including Johns Hopkins and Cedars-Sinai.

Patients at those hospitals can opt to get their health records using the Health app. After selecting a hospital, a user will be directed to an authorization page, and then to a login page where the user would sign in using existing credentials.

What’s Next?

Apple has unveiled a plan to give iPhone and Apple Watch users easy access to their medical records on their device.

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