According to Flurry – an analytics company – the company selling the most mobile devices was extremely easy to detect. This Christmas season, 51 percent of the new devices activated all around the globe were Apple products.

The iPhone 6 was the most popular, and the iPhone 6 Plus was in the top five.

It’s difficult to know what Flurry’s definition of “activations” is, but The Verge speculates that the company probably recorded the new devices that were registered with app stores, not the activations with carriers.

Apple and Samsung are huge competitors, but their race wasn’t even a close one. Samsung recorded 17.7 percent of the new activations, followed by Nokia at 5.8 percent and Sony at 1.6 percent. LG claimed a tiny market share of 1.4 percent.

Not only did Flurry record Apple claiming 51% of new device activations, the analytics firm was able to gather enough information to see what device form was most popular.

The week leading up to Christmas saw a lot of activations in new phablets. Phablets made up three percent of sales in 2012 and four percent in 2013. This year, that number spiked up to 13 percent of new devices purchased. The iPhone 6 Plus had a lot to do with that. Tablets of all sizes experienced a huge decline.

Samsung has experienced huge declines in profits – especially with their Galaxy S5 sales being 40 percent below expectations three months after its launch. The United States had a slight increase in sales, but in large markets like China, sales plummeted over 50 percent.

The gap between Samsung and Apple products being activated this Christmas season is huge – reflecting that Samsung is still experiencing a decline in sales. The company will have to come up with something new to gain more interest in their products. There is a rumor that they are in talks with LoopPay to create a program that will have no problem competing with Apple Pay. But this transition alone probably isn’t enough to change their profit problem around.

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