After the announcement of October 22nd’s Apple product update, analysts were making predictions as to what the update would include and if Apple would be introducing updates to theirApple iPad Air Apple TV product or announcing an iWatch…neither of which actually happened.

But with much excitement and anticipation, the update kicked off and Apple introduced us to some new products they will be releasing [just in time for the holidays] and the upgrades to existing products. The announcements didn’t necessarily disappoint, but some are still awaiting that revolutionary announcement, which didn’t happen.

Here is a cheat sheet outlining the updates:

  • MacBook Pro – Explained to be engineered completely differently than past MBPs, operate twice as fast, double the amount of memory bandwidth, and flashdrive storage. The price will start start around $2999.00.
  • iPad Mini with Retina display – This is an updated version of the existing iPad mini and features the crystal clear retina display. This device, with 16GB memory will retail at $399, $100 more than the non-retina display model.
  • iPad Air – The iPad Air is the “new” product, which is 7.5mm thin and weighs just one pound. The product has an A7 chip that is a quicker processor, which performs more efficiently, using less battery life (lasting for 10 hours) and allowing the model to be so slim. The product has the best and clearest display for video and photo viewing.
  • Updated iLife and iWork and OSX Maverick (and free!) – With an iOS7 device, any user can now enjoy the iLife and iWork suite of apps…for free. In lieu of paying for these apps and using these products, Apple has switched to a free model that they announced was because “we [Apples] want our customers to have access to everything…they will love owning a Mac or iOS device.” This also means that the desktop update, OSX Maverick will be free for all desktop users and everyone using Apple products can reap the benefits of the new apps.

During the announcement, Apple mentioned the following:

“The updated iWork apps allow collaboration.” – this is through the live documents that allow live editing from multiple users (think Google doc style)

“Today is the biggest day ever for apps.” – said because of the 20 Apple app updates released on October 22nd

“Apple just sold the 170 millionth iPad.” – said in reference to the fact that tablet use is increasing, but the iPad device still has the largest share of the market.

Overall reactions

Personally, my reaction was that it is apparent that Apple is spending time refining their products and trying to reach the different markets (providing an iPad for everyone, with every lifestyle). This was apparent in their product releases and price points, but also when they showed their marketing videos and provided video of people, in many professions and enjoying different activities, integrating Apple products into their daily lives.

I also noticed their focus on sustainability, mainly during the MacBook Pro presentation. The presenter discussed the amount of energy the new products would be using (much less than the existing models) and that products were created with a focus on resources and limiting excess. There were also subtle messages stating that Apple products, while the parts are made in China, are assembled in the USA. For those concerned about renewable resources, energy-saving, and keeping companies in the US, these small messages appealed to those audiences.

For more reactions, Gizmodo has collected a thread about the new iPad and you can read what others have to say.

Photo credit: James Martin/CNET