Anivia is a fresh theme, launched on November 5th this year. It is WordPress 3.7 ready and it is adaptable to all web browsers including Internet Explorer versions 8-10, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and Google Chrome. Flat and minimalistic, this theme is comfortable to the eye and keeps the attention of your visitors.

This is a beautiful and well-designed theme fit for five different website layouts:

  • News Layout – You can adapt it as a news website
  • Magazine Layout – it is easily customizable for any form of webzine
  • Shop Layout – it is perfect for running small and medium online shops
  • Blog Layout – there are various features and customization options for blog customization
  • Business Layout – flat and minimalistic design fit for a business website

At its initial release, it has brought attention of many WordPress users and developers. Being that this is a multipurpose theme it was not long after its release that it made its way through the most popular themes on ThemeForest’s onto the top of the list. Anivia has met many great reviews and a lot of positive feedback from customers – there were almost 100 purchases in the first two days. Because of the positive feedback by our customers, the team has decided to prepare an introduction along with some advice on how to customize Anivia for five different layouts and to present the features that will help you create a unique website design.


One of its greatest features – the Frontend Builder

First of all, let’s introduce you to one of Anivia’s most powerful asset – The Frontend Builder. Many WordPress users have the same problem – adding various elements to every page can be a waste of time. Instead of having to type lines of code or looking through the list of shortcodes from the backend, with the Frontend Builder you can do all this much faster through the frontend interface of your WordPress website. Adding various page elements is done by a basic drag-n-drop method, thus saving you a lot of time. There are 18 different page elements which you can choose from and another 5-20 different options for each.

  • Heading
  • Text / HTML
  • Button
  • Image
  • Video
  • Testimonials
  • Tabs
  • Accordion
  • Alert Box
  • Features
  • Featured Post
  • Navigation Menu
  • Icon Menu
  • Sidebar
  • Search Box
  • Slider
  • Code
  • Separator

Every element that is placed and customized on the page can be cloned countless times. This option allows you to save up a lot of time for customizing each element individually. A word of advice for WordPress developers – you can add up your own shortcodes to the Frontend Builder and enable your potential users to design their own website by using the elements of the specific theme you have offered them.

With this content assembler, you can create news homepage from scratch in a matter of minutes.

A customized version of this powerful plugin for Anivia consists out of 13 new elements:

  • Categories
  • Contact Form
  • Magazine Fluid Post
  • Insert Posts
  • Link Lists
  • Link Lists Related
  • Magazine Link Lists
  • Magazine Link Lists Related
  • Related Posts
  • Team

This beautiful content assembler is constantly updated with new features. There is a changelog of its updates on our portfolio on ThemeForest where you can get further information about our new plugins and themes for WordPress as well. This plugin is WordPress 3.7 ready and, by the feedback from our customers, it works perfectly on previous versions of WordPress as well (versions 3.4 and newer). It is compatible with all major web browsers – Internet Explorer 8-10, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome.

Also, there is a live preview of this plugin in action. Click here to check it out!

Switching through layouts

As already mentioned, there are five different layouts you can choose from for your website design. After downloading and unpacking the theme from you can easily access the theme options panel and choose the one that fits your website type. These predefined layouts are fully responsive, thus making your webpage compatible with all mobile devices (laptops, tablets and smartphones). The team is currently working on making around 100 different page layouts for this theme which can be easily imported and customized for almost any website type. Stay up-to-date with new improvements to the theme by following change log on

WooComerce integrated – Prepare and maintain your online shop


You can easily add new elements to your product page. Each of the products is followed by a product description, additional information, as well as reviews given by your visitors. You can add almost up to a thousand products to your shop and still maintain the efficiency and responsiveness of your website, without having to lose much of the page load time. You can add high resolution galleries for each product individually. There is an “add to cart” button for each product, giving your customers the opportunity to opt for as many products as they like, before jumping to the checkout page. The cart list can be changed later if your customers change their mind about purchasing a specific product from the list they have generated.

Multi-column webpage design

Anivia allows you to create a multicolumn page of your choosing. This can be done either through the page settings or by using the frontend builder. There are six different customizations with four columns for each page:

  • 1 column – 3 columns width
  • 3 columns – 1 column width
  • 1 column – 1 column – 2 columns width
  • 1 column – 2 columns – 1 column width
  • 2 columns – 1 column – 1 column width
  • 1 column – 1 column – 1 column -1 column width

In each of these columns, you can add as much as elements you like – images, video, text/html, slider, etc. This can be applied for any website layout you choose.

Color and font customization


The developers have implemented over 650 different Google fonts, along with a few they have generated for this theme. You can easily choose between the ones you like and apply them to any text element you choose.  If none of them suits the style of your website, simply upload the one that you think it is the best.


Each element individually can be customized in a different color. Anivia allows you to apply any color from the endless color palette on any element you choose with ease.

Additional Features


Webpage Translation

Anivia is translation ready – you can add as much language files as you want it will translate the page accordingly for every user. This is one of the most useful features for highly visited websites –the more different language areas you cover, the more visitors to your website will get.

Newsletter Plugin Support

The developer team is well aware of those newsletters that make a great part of every online marketing campaign, especially if you have an online shop integrated on your website. This is why you can find implemented newsletter plugin support – to make the whole newsletter creation process easy and automated.

Polls Plugin Support

Every successful business conducts online surveys and pools before making a large business step, such as a launch of a new product or offering a new service. Online communities have a great influence on this and that is why there is support for these plugins in order to help you conduct them yourself. instead of having to hire others to do it for you.

Google Ads

Anivia supports Google Ads. They have predefined positions on the screen so they will not interfere with the structure of your content. Each of these Google Ads place holders is responsive and it can be seen on the screen from any device without overlapping your content.

Anivia is fully optimized!

Anivia is a fully optimized and SEO friendly theme. In association with our SEO consultants and by following trends in the world of website optimization, the team has come up with perfect, up-to-date solutions for Anivia.  There are a lot of options and features implemented which will help you optimize your content for the web browsers with ease.


It is retina ready!

By the latest information given by Google, there has been an almost 45 % increase of mobile searches for the third quarter of the year 2013. The team has gone out of there limbs to perfect the responsiveness of Anivia for any type of mobile device. It is retina ready and it will allow your website to be accessed without losing its structure on small retina displays.

Social Media Support

Anivia has a support for all major social media networks – Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest. The influence of social media and their online communities on your website rankings is great. That is why there are social sharing buttons which can be added for a great number of your page elements – pages, posts, products, etc.

It is very important that you utilize the power of social media in order to build up your online presence. Add social sharing buttons of your choice and connect your website with pages on social networks. This way, you can inform your community of visitors about new posts, products or services and engage with them in order to bring more traffic to your website.

Anivia has been rated with a 4.67 buyers rating (on a 0-5 scale) and has over 250 purchases in the first two weeks. It offers a flat, clean and minimalistic look and, combined with high-resolution images, it represents a perfect theme for almost any website type. Because of its multipurpose abilities and layout switching option, you can easily adapt this theme even if you decide to completely change the website intention. For example, you were running a blog so far with money related topic and you have decided to change it to a news magazine without changing the design concept of your website – with Anivia, it is done easily.

This theme costs $45 but keep in mind that both Revolution Slider (15 dollar value) and Frontend Content Builder (20 dollar value) are included in the price. If you have already purchased the theme, make sure that you follow our changelog and download new updates in order to reach the full potential of what this theme has to offer.