Nintendo Has Lost Their Appeal

Analyst David Cole tells the New York Times that Nintendo has lost their appeal to attract new fans with the Wii U. However, the Wii U will still win over Nintendo diehards.

Nintendo’s previous system, the Wii, drew fans to the console wide and far. Veteran gamers, children, and fitness fanatics were drawn to the Wii, and the motion controls gimmick it had to offer.

People of all ages and demographics played the Wii, which is why it sold over 100 million units, as to where the Gamecube only sold a little over 20 million units.

The Wii U is doing well, with a library of games like ‘Mario Kart 8’, ‘Super Smash Bros’, ‘Bayonetta 2’, and ‘Hyrule Warriors’. The House of Mario should have no problem keeping the Nintendo faithfuls, but it can’t seem to get the wide range of gamers that the Wii was able to attract.

Cole works for DFC Intelligence as an analyst, and he claims Nintendo has lost their appeal to attract new fans with the Wii U. He believes the rise of smart phones and tablets have an effect on Nintendo’s audience. Seeing the company has no presence on these devices, their fanbase is shrinking.

Mr. Cole, the game industry analyst, said he believed the stronger sales of newer Wii U games showed that Nintendo could still attract its longtime dedicated fans, but not necessarily the wide range of gamers, including fitness fanatics and seniors, that the company won over with the original Wii.

Also troubling for the company is that children today are increasingly playing games on tablets and smartphones, where Nintendo has no real presence, rather than on Nintendo handhelds, an important business for the company.

Certainly the Wii U won’t be as big as the Wii, but overall the Wii U is a better console which focuses on the gamer instead of the casual audience.

Do you agree with David Cole’s words, where he says Nintendo has lost their appeal to attract new fans with the Wii U?