Amazon is slated to make a “big announcement” this Wednesday. And tech freaks everywhere are salivating.

Every technology blog worth its salt has been making predictions and discussing the specs for the “rumored” (we still have to call it that until the official announcement) Amazon Tablet. It’s already being called the first tablet to give the illustrious iPad a run for it’s money…and it hasn’t even be released yet!

How is that possible, you ask? No one knows what it looks like, what it’ll feature, what the resolution will be on the screen, or if the sound will be decent. The truth of the matter is these things matter little. Because Amazon has been quietly building up the best feature that any tablet can possibly have:


Amazon started allowing Amazon Prime customers access to unlimited streaming to their computer in February of this year.  Just today, they announced a deal that they’ve made with Fox that includes access to shows like “24”, “Arrested Development” and, brand new to digital video, “The Wonder Years”. Movies will also be part of this deal, classics such as “Mrs. Doubtfire”, “Last of the Mohicans” and “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”. They are already streaming more than 11,000 movies and TV shows through the website and this deal promises them more. Furthermore, even if a customer isn’t a Amazon Prime member, they can rent episodes or buy full seasons of shows and digital movies.

Are you listening, Netflix?

They also trump the competitor Apple in the access that they provide their customers.  Apple TV doesn’t have streaming packages at all. And the Amazon Prime membership stands at $79 annually which is a steal for the content they sell and stream.  So, as long as the tablet has even the most basic features they’ve already got a good customer base in their Prime members and the content and price point to attract new customers.

There are other things to consider, of course: the price of the tablet, for one, and the quality when compared to the iPad. But, with the foundation that Amazon has created already, they are definitely poised to take on Apple. And, aren’t we as consumers always interested in participating in technology turf wars? Yes, we are.

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