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Amazon is going where no other delivery service has gone before: directly inside your home. On Wednesday, the tech giant introduced Amazon Key, a new in-home delivery service that grants couriers access to a person’s home so that packages can be placed right inside the front door.

According to Amazon, the $250 Amazon Key In-Home Kit, which includes a security camera a smart lock, will allow Amazon Logistics couriers to authorize a delivery and unlock a customer’s door through a series of messages sent to the cloud. The door remains unlocked for only five minutes, during which time the delivery person places the package just inside the entrance and relocks the door through their app. There are no codes or keys involved in the process.

Customers will then get a confirmation and can watch a video clip of the delivery. Family members and other “people you trust” will also eventually benefit from the service. The Verge reports that Amazon’s new Cloud Cam will serve as a hub for the new delivery service, which will become available next month for Amazon Prime members in nearly 40 supported cities.

Peter Larsen, Amazon’s vice president of delivery technology, said in a press release that the service “gives customers peace of mind knowing their orders have been safely delivered to their homes and are waiting for them when they walk through their doors.” The new service is expected to expand to other locations over time.

While the new in-home delivery service intrigued some people, many others were skeptical. “This is kinda scary tbh,” one person wrote on Amazon’s announcement video on YouTube. “Nope, don’t come inside my house and don’t make this a thing,” another said. Numerous individuals said they were wary of strangers having access to their home, despite the various security measures.

The new in-home delivery service will officially begin Nov. 8.

See how social media reacted to Amazon’s new in-home delivery service below:

Social Media Reacts to Amazon Key, Amazon’s New In-Home Delivery Service

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