Amazon’s Fire Phone has a new update, even though the product was one of the biggest flops for the company. And with their advertisements all over the place, it seems like the company is not giving up.

Even with the failure, some customers purchased the device, and Amazon is trying everything they can to keep them happy while maybe winning a few more customers.

The new update provides a large number of bug fixes, and the phone’s unique feature, FireFly, will translate text using the camera automatically.

The company also went out of their way to add an identification program that recognizes famous art pieces. As of now, 2,000 paintings are supported, and Wikipedia background will be available to the pieces it recognizes.

One thing the Fire Phone does succeed at is having a decent camera that is getting even better. The latest update included Best Shot, a feature that lets users choose between three different versions of each photo they take, helping them find the perfect exposure.

When the online giant released their first phone, hoping to finally compete in the smartphone market, they didn’t include a few simple features that have huge effects for some consumers. Call blocking and adding custom ringtones didn’t exist, and it was impossible to sync calendars across all Fire devices.

The Fire Phone’s new update may be a bit late, but they finally added these features, including VPN support. According to The Verge, these features were available with the unlocked $199 phone but those using AT&T must install the software update the enjoy them.

Amazon must keep the few customers they have happy, so it’s easy to understand why they would continue to tweak the device. But the features available in the current update could mean that they’re going to keep trying. I’ve seen many Amazon packages this past week, and each one of them contained an advertisement label for the Fire phone. I don’t think they’re giving up at all.

If Amazon never succeeds in turning their phone around, they’re not giving up on the smartphone market. The company has already hinted that they make take a second step and try again. This last quarter, though, is doing a little bit better.

The Fire Phone’s Q3 numbers showed that there was a $170 million charge of unsold devices. The company even had to drop the price in order to sale more.

The Fire TV, on the other hand, is doing a lot better. It’s gotten great reviews, and the Fire Stick now includes HBO Go, something many customers wanted.

Amazon’s Fire Phone update along with the continuing advertisement hints that the company will keep trying. It could also mean that they’re trying to sell the millions of dollars worth just sitting in the warehouse.

Do you think Amazon should keep trying with Fire, or should they just move on to their idea?