Life would have been much easier, if the eCommerce giant become your internet service provider. Do you think they are not thinking about the same? Well, yes, most of them are. They aim to make your shopping life convenient and even better. In this respect, our very own brings in great news this year. They wish to set up their own wireless network which would allow users to connect their devices to the internet and enjoy their shopping with them.

Wireless Network

Yes, you heard it right! As reported by Bloomberg, this online giant has been testing their own wireless network in Cupertino, California. Amazon wish to power its wireless internet for its users to browse their website. It is said that the network would be powered by satellite communication from Globalstar and would be tested in Amazon’s lab126. Globalstar is planning to switch around 80% of its spectrum to telluric use. This indicates that a wireless network could hold more traffic and drive faster speed when compared to traditional Wi-Fi. Isn’t this amazing to know how Amazon, the globe’s largest eCommerce company is moving beyond being a shopping destination towards investigating the underlying technology for their consumer to connect to the internet. However, Globalstar is seeking federal approval to lease its spectrum to wireless carriers, technology and cable companies so that they can launch ‘Terrestrial Low Power Service’ that claim to offer a faster Wi-Fi speed.

Indeed it is amazing! The whole idea is making Amazon create a more comprehensive user experience, encircling how consumers would go online, what device they use to connect to the website and find out what exactly they do on the internet. Therefore, you can see that Amazon’s ever-expanding reach to sell internet is not far-off. Amazon had always been competing with Apple Inc. and Google to extend their reach into their own wireless service.  Amazon is not the first company to test wireless technology; even Google Inc. (GOOG) had its own communication capabilities by bidding for wireless spectrum. This has made them established a high-speed, fibre-based broadband network in 17 cities such as Texas, Kansas, Austin, California and as reported recently agreed to provide Wi-Fi connectivity to the coffee shop ( Starbucks Corp.)

According to research, the test has shown that the new spectrum can achieve up to five times the range over the conventional Wi-Fi. Also the network has the capacity to handle a larger volume of users and greater amount of traffic. This increased range is important especially to sustain the higher amount of data over longer distance. It is the aim of Amazon’s chief executive officer Jeff Bezos to make Amazon a one-stop shop for the consumer through incorporating the internet gateway. The strategy has incredibly increased the sale up to $61.1 billion. It has been reported that some of the e-readers use a wireless delivery system called Amazon Whispernet that uses the similar nationwide data network as cell phones to access via Wi-Fi. According to Bloomberg, Amazon had also worked on its Smartphones and sold apps for mobile devices.

Undoubtedly, the company has everything it requires to become an ISP. With digital streaming services and full line of tablets, the company would never have any shortage of incentives to convince the customers to connect to the web through their own branded internet. It is indeed a good time for Amazon to take the risk of a new venture, since the company seems to be flourishing. And if the company utilize its own wireless network, it would give them a chance to cater to the consumer’s need that uses Wi-Fi enabled gadgets such as kindle to use and internet services such as Amazon Instant Video.