Ten weeks after starting at Bluewire Media and I am starting to feel like I have some clue about the crazy world of web. If you asked my colleagues they would still call me a rank amateur but in my head I am moving ahead in leaps and bounds.

I have always been an avid user of the web, but understanding the nuts and bolts about how it actually functions was as foreign as an alien language. In fact, considering the possibility that there was some mothership in outer space, run by freaky little aliens who used some awesome energy source to store and transfer the information we are now sharing across the globe in an instant, was not so far-fetched for me. I mean why not? It was as close to any other theory I might have had.

Turns out it’s a lot less exciting than that, but an awful lot more practical than reliance on an alien race. Turns out, if you want to make your website actually accessible on the internet, you simple use a web hosting service.

Hosting is like the rent you pay to have your website online. It offers a physical location on a server somewhere, to actually store your files and webpages. You rent that space. There are numerous options for hosting. The company who develops your website will most likely have a preference. It is a good idea to be guided by your web developer since they have the most experience in knowing what is required. Listen to the options they suggest, but please be encouraged to question the advice, the final decision and the price.