Alexa Update

Alexa on Echo or Echo Dot has become less chatty.

Amazon is testing an update to the online retail behemoth’s digital assistant called “Brief Mode.” The update rolled out late last week, Engadget said.

Instead of replying “Okay,” Alexa would just make a short beep, signifying that a task has been completed.

While Mashable said the feature “appears to still be in a testing phase, as the brief mode setting isn’t yet showing up for all users,” Engadget reported that the new feature worked on a first-generation Echo and subsequent tests with a second-generation Echo showed that it also worked there.

Engadget also said Alexa asked, “if we wanted to enable the different audio option.”

Mashable sought Amazon’s statement on the new Alexa feature, but the company has not responded.

First Noticed by Reddit Users

The Alexa update was first noticed by Reddit users.

Reddit subscriber Aquifel asked Alexa to turn on my lights, and the digital assistant replied ‘OK’ “but after that, she said that this would be the last time she would and that I would hear a beep tone instead on a successful command.”

Aquifel also said Alexa then mentioned about “Brief Mode,” which would “result in her talking less.”

Enabling ‘Brief Mode’

Engadget said Echo users who have version 2.2.202313.0 on iOS (which rolled out on March 15) could enable “Brief Mode” by going to Settings > General and then go to Alexa Voice Responses. There will be an option to turn Brief Mode on.

Mashable pointed out that “Brief Mode” may be a slight update “but it could make a big difference for people who rely on Alexa to control a lot of smart devices in their homes, and get tired of hearing a vocal response to each command.”

Back-to-Back Tasks

The newest Alexa update follows a new feature introduced to the virtual assistant more than a week ago wherein a user don’t have to repeat “Alexa” to do another task for a more natural flow of conversation.

With the new setting called “Follow-Up Mode,” Alexa will wait for five seconds for another task after finishing the first one, CNET said.

Alexa will “listen” for five seconds after she’s done responding to a user to see if the user has anything else to ask or make Alexa do.

The blue ring on the Alexa-enabled device will light up during the five seconds to indicate that she’s “listening.”

“If you don’t, she’ll just go back to sleep automatically without saying anything else,” CNET said.

What’s Next?

Amazon has introduced a “Brief Mode” to Alexa wherein the digital assistant would be less talkative.

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