Custom Application Development services have assumed a huge importance over the past decade – in spite of software giants coming up with highly customizable products that cater to every industry and business type. And there is good reason for this.

The advantages seen with customized products available through OPD partners outrun packaged software greatly – often proving to be much cheaper than the tailor-made options. Let us examine this in details and understand the benefits of opting for an OPD partner that can provide you with highly customized solutions that work for you as exactly the way you want it to.

Outsourced Product Development

Perfect Solutions

Entrepreneurs have realized that every business is different, and therefore operate differently. This makes it difficult for a packaged product to offer the exact solutions that your business might require – no matter how customizable the software is. In most cases clients complain that while readymade products offer a high quality, reliability and can be customized to some extent, they often have to adjust the way their business operates to make full use of the product.

Custom applications offer a huge advantage here. The application has been designed to perform exactly the way you want it to – and therefore can be fine tuned to adapt to your requirements. In other words, you get to bend your application to work for your business, and not adjust the way your business runs to accommodate the application.

Fewer Complications

Tailor-made applications can be quite complicated at times. In fact, the more flexible and customizable an application is – the more complicated it will be. Often clients mention that they don’t want to invest in training after they have already invested in the software.

An OPD partner will reduce these complications for you. Custom applications are fine tuned to offer you only those features that you are asking for. The software is already customized, making it simpler to use and bring down your training costs.

Associated and Setup Costs

One of the biggest advantages of working with a custom application development partner is freedom from licensing issues. Since your outsourced product development partner is developing the product solely for your business, your business generally ends up owning the product, and generally there are no recurring licensing costs.

At the same time, since a customized product is meant to offer you a very specific set of features, your investments may turn out to be lower than going for a packaged software product that offers much more features and services, even though you may not find them useful.


The product that your OPD partner develops specifically for you will not be available for other buyers and businesses in the industry. This means that the architecture of the software product is not known to users outside your enterprise. This often lets you enjoy a greater security from your custom application than the packaged counterparts available in the industry.

Technical Support

Another benefit seen with working with an outsourced product development partner is technical support. Custom application development firms generally offer dedicated technical support plans, which may be free or paid depending on the vendor that you work with.

However, the level of technical support that an OPD vendor provides is much more efficient, as it comes directly from the dedicated team that has developed your custom application. This means quick resolutions, lesser bugs and easy accessibility.

These are some of the chief reasons why outsourced product development and custom applications have seen such popularity in the industry.

Maketick has been associated with a number of OPD projects, and we have come across a number of very unique and challenging client requirements. This not only helps us meet new requirements with more confidence and experience, but also enables us to provide efficient and solid technical support for our clients.