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Adblock Plus, the world’s most popular ad blocker, announced today that they will be launching an Acceptable Ads Platform, an ad-tech platform “that will make whitelisting faster and easier,” according to their blog post. Teaming up with ComboTag, a publisher platform-provider, Adblock Plus will now allow publishers and bloggers to choose from pre-whitelisted ads that they can put on their website. The update has been in the works for over a year.

Adblock Plus hopes that with this new platform, which is currently in a beta phase, they will better be able to cater to “a second, alternative web made up of ad-blocking users” by placing acceptable ads in front of users.

According to their blog post, users will be able to provide feedback on the ads and the platform will be able to make changes depending on which ads have been flagged. “If users complain about it for whatever reason – it was ugly, it was intrusive, it was creepy – it gets punished on the auction. Ads that receive good reviews get rewarded by making them more likely to be chosen.”

Many Adblock Plus users expressed their frustration over this change through social media—some said they’ve already uninstalled and switched over to alternative ad blockers while others joked about the tool adding an advertising platform. Adblock Plus later tweeted to clarify some confusion over the new platform.

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