Let’s walk you through the popularity of remote full-stack developers:

  • According to KnowledgeHut, Full-stack development is the hottest developer skill in today’s age.
  • According to 38% of hiring managers surveyed by Knowledgehut, a full-stack developer is the #1 position to be filled.
  • As per the same portal, 3,00,000 new develop jobs are estimated to be created by the next decade.

Given the influence of COVID-19 or otherwise, the marketplace for full-stack developers has been booming in all regards. One of the crucial reasons is that companies are looking to outsource their requirements to the expert software development team to reduce their workload and receive better efficiency.


The growth in the demand for full-stack developers is on the back of the multiple benefits that they provide to organizations, including timely delivery, efficient programming, maintenance and support, and no need for training.

However, it is crucial to hire the right team for your project to be at the receiving end of organizational benefits. If you are someone looking to hire full-stack developers, we have compiled a useful guide for you to find out the most sought after skills.

How to Hire Offshore Development Team?

There are multiple aspects that you should assess before you hire an offshore development team for your project. Multiple qualities that include personal, professional, and technical ones are to be checked before hiring full-stack developers for remote work.

What are the Personal Skills that Remote Full-stack Developers Possess?

You should look for the following qualities:

  • Hire a software development team that is passionate about their work.
  • The team should understand different technologies along with the stacks.
  • The remote full-stack developers should have creative thinking abilities to resolve a problem.
  • Outsource mobile app developers who keep themselves abreast with the latest developmental trends.
  • Look for a development team that understands the requirement and offers the best possible solution.
  • The team should have good time management skills.

What are the Technical Skills that Remote Full-Stack Developers Hold?

  • Javascript, CSS, and HTML
  • Programming Language
  • Databases
  • Third-party APIs
  • Deployment and Hosting
  • Version Control

How Should you Prepare your Interview for Hiring Full-stack Developers?

Hiring a full-stack developer requires you to form your questionnaire in such a way that can help you gauge the required skills. Your interview questions should help you find the following:

  • What is the skill level of the candidate? Beginner/Intermediate/Professional
  • How is the candidate’s ability to deal with the uncertainty?
  • How much is the interest of the candidate in learning new skills?
  • What level of understanding does the candidate possess about the requirement gathering?
  • Can the software development team justify the budget that they are asking for?
  • What is the turnaround time of the project of the remote full-stack developers?
  • What model do they follow—water flow or agile?
  • What are the tools and technologies that these software developers use?
  • Are they keeping themselves in the known about the latest happening in the industry?
  • What level of innovation can they think of?
  • What are the types of projects that they have worked for in the past?

What are the Channels that you can Leverage to Find the Required Skills?

Developers are taking the concept of remote work to the next level. And, that is where the problem arises. You have to be thorough with your requirements about the project and the development team. This is because hiring is a tough decision to make.

You have to think of the budget, time, and other important aspects related to the project. Since there is fierce competition among the full-stack developers, you are likely to receive a lot of applications. However, you have to know where you should look at to hire remote full-stack developers.

Below are some of the platforms that can help you hire the right skills:

  • RemoteOK
  • Clutch
  • Freelancer
  • TUpWork
  • TopTal
  • GoodFirms

Now, these are all top talent marketplaces, which lets recruiter and talents connect. However, it is crucial that you hire a software development team from a reputed company. Below are some of the reasons why you should hire a remote full-stack development team from a reputed company instead of a freelancer team:

A software development team has already sorted the candidates from among various candidates. As a result, you get the most suited full-stack developers for your project.

A company that offers a dedicated full-stack development team is the one that provides you with a legit contract, and there is low to no risk of project abandonment.

You can rest assure about the timely delivery of your project, as you are collaborating with a reputed software development company.

The company can provide you with a project manager, who can be your point of communication. You can collaborate and know the progress made on your project with the project manager.

The risk associated with the project decreases, as the company that offers dedicated full-stack developers is registered and has to keep up with its brand name. As a result, the company is bound to offer quality service.

Final Words

Successful product development begins with hiring a passionate offshore development team. You do not have to settle for anything less than what you deserve, and so, use the interview questions that we have mentioned to know the team better.

Besides this, have them write codes for you. This way, you would be able to assess their technical skills along with their turnaround time.