The first couple weeks of the new year are in the books and those New Year’s resolutions are not completing themselves. Luckily, 2012 is the year that technology will do almost all of your New Year’s resolution heavy lifting for you — all for free or at rock bottom prices. Want to get organized? There’s an app for that. Need financial help? There’s an app for that? Need a full-service, mobile office? There’s software-as-a-service for that.

2012 is the year of no excuses. It is the year that the brightest minds in technology are hand-delivering solutions to all your 2012 shortcomings. In the 90s you might have run out to Office Maxx to spend a couple hundred dollars on filing cabinets. But in 2012, all you need to do is click and download. Here are two sites to help you in the workplace, and two sites to help you at home in 2012:

In the Office

New Years Resolution: Enter the Cloud and Go Mobile

Tech Solution: Your Office Anywhere

Small businesses and entrepreneurs have to be mobile multi-taskers, and that means going to sales calls, meeting clients and hitting the road to drum up new business. taps these businesses into the power of cloud computing to solve all of their information and communication needs wherever they are. No driving back to the office to get a file off of your desktop or printing out reams of information. With you receive a mobile office and online meeting capabilities with data storage and scheduling capabilities.

Versatile enough to absorb most small business’s technology needs, is a comprehensive technology solution for a small business that wants meetings, scheduling, data storage and more, all in one centrally located and mobile location. The easy-to-use service is priced at $10 a month, and is perfect for small business owners who do not want to deal with the headache of complex technology, but still want the data storage, mobility and collaboration of cloud computing. There is nothing to download, and your entire workspace can be pulled up from any digital device with a simple online login. The service also allows you to invite clients into the cloud, and work on projects collaboratively, without the clients having to sign up to the service. The addition of video conferencing and chat allows communication in the cloud. And, at 100 gigabytes, the service’s storage is large enough for even data-intensive small businesses.

If you are looking to improve efficiency and stay organized on the road in 2012, check out

New Years Resolution: Stay on Task

Tech Solution: Wunderlist

Collaborative and mobile, Wunderlist has turned a lot of heads for its elegant simplicity. Because, let’s face it, when you are choosing an application to simplify your scheduling and organize your life, the last thing you want is a complex and confusing piece of technology. Wunderlist’s simple lists and reminders keep you on schedule, and Wunderlist can be created directly from your email inbox. A drag-and-drop functionality makes organizing your lists simple and intuitive.

The application can be used on any computer or mobile device. And you can invite people to events and collaborate with co-workers or clients using the application. Best of all it is free.

At Home

New Year’s Resolution: Save Money

Tech Solution:

Saving money has always gone hand-in-hand with laborious data entry. But not anymore. has revolutionized finances with a service that tracks spending, saving and financial performance effortlessly. Using the feeds from your bank accounts, retirement funds and stock portfolios, crunches all of the numbers and gives you all of the analysis you need to see where your money is going. You have to surrender all of the passwords to all of your banking accounts to the secure site, but that has not stopped 1.5 million people, fed up with number crunching, from using the service. Recently purchased by Intuit for $170 million, this is no fly-by-night service.

Your financial profile is served up in pie charts and charts that are easily trackable and can be broken down by category. And the site adds security to your financial life by alerting you to unusual spending patterns that my signify identity theft.

With the power of, and the pinpoint knowledge of where your money goes each month, saving and a better organized financial life is your for the taking in 2012.

New Year’s Resolution: Remember, and act on, those great ideas

Tech Solution: Evernote

Did you have a lot of million-dollar ideas in 2011 that got lost in the outer recesses of your brain? Do you find yourself brainstorming in the car or on a walk, and then find those great thoughts have evaporated when you finally get back in front of your computer?

Evernote is an application that will catalogue and save all of your genius. Easily searchable and able to hold notes, photos and favorite webpages that you happen upon when you are not at your desk. Perfect for writer, designers and students — or anyone with a phone and a case of forgetfulness — Evernote stockpiles your great ideas and allows you to collaborate with friends from the site. It’s free, so you have nothing to lose, especially if you have been losing great ideas all along.

Evernote is a Wunderlist for notes and ideas. The easily searchable site allows users to jot down ideas, save photos and store notes in a central location that can be accessed by phone, computer or mobile device. The application is great for creative types, designers and students. You can also plan a trip, save your favorite webpages and collaborate with colleagues using the site.