describe the imageRecently, Google has been a hot topic of conversation around our office. We have been discussing all of the changes that are being made and how they will affect the way that we will use the web. Personally, I can categorize my internet use into a very short list. I realized that Google has some part in nearly everything I do online. Below is an overview of that list and the role that the web giant plays (or could play) in it.

1. Searching: Being a search engine is what Google was originally known for. Although competitors like Bing and Yahoo are desperately trying to catch up, over 65% of searches are still done through Google. Typing in is a reflex that I don’t expect to change anytime soon.

2. Reading/Writing Blogs: Google currently owns Blogger, which is an easy to use blogging platform. It was just announced that Blogger will soon be renamed to be called Google Blogs.

3. Social Networking: I typically have used Facebook and Twitter to stay connected socially but after hearing all of the buzz about Google+ I will probably switch over. Considering the features that this social site offers I’m sure that others will as well.

4. Email: The email service that Google offers helps users stay organized and informed. I have a few different work or personal email addresses and they can all be fed through one Gmail account.

5. SEO/Analytics: Google Analytics is a FREE web product that Google offers to track website/webpage traffic. These insights can be used for tracking your personal blog or your business blog and website.

In addition to Google Analytics, Google also offers a Keyword Tool. This tool allows users to look up searches that are relevant to your website topic.

Google Panda has become another huge factor in determining SEO. This Google search algorithm fights content robbers by ensuring that duplicated content does not pop up in search results.

6. Watching Videos: Although the Google name is not directly associated with online videos, the Google Corporation does own and control YouTube.

After reading the list above it seems like the people working for Google should have their hands pretty full. However, the seven web products mentioned above are only part of the over 50 different products that Google owns.

Is Google becoming a web monopoly? How long will their reign as the largest and most used search engine last? Will Google+ eventually overpower Facebook? Let us know what you think.