What new technology do you think is going to have the biggest impact on product-based businesses and why?

1. Periscope

Vanessa Van EdwardsThe next reality TV will be periscope, and it will fundamentally change how product-based business market. Imagine marketing campaigns where people live broadcast opening, using and sharing a product. Soon customers will begin to demand to see products used and demo’ed in real life and with live broadcasts. – Vanessa Van Edwards, Science of People

2. Uber for Same-Day Delivery

Justin BoggsWe were speaking with a new potential fulfillment partner who has already started piloting same-day delivery by integrating with Uber’s API. The tests were in NYC, and best performance saw a customer get their product 11 minutes after online checkout, while the worst was 44 minutes. Immediate gratification through same-day delivery will be huge for e-commerce. – Justin Boggs, ZeeBerry.com

3. Data Analytics Paired With AI and AR

9 Technologies That Could Change the Market for Product-Based BusinessesData analytics has improved product sales, customer engagement and targeted marketing efforts by allowing product-based companies to measure, track and manage their own business information. While data analytics provides organized information to help make better decisions, adding artificial intelligence and augmented reality to this process will only further enhance the method and its results. – Jason Thanh La, Merchant Service Group, LLC & K5 Ventures

4. Seamless Mobile Shopping Experiences

9 Technologies That Could Change the Market for Product-Based BusinessesMobile adoption and mobile commerce will continue to affect all businesses, including product-based brands. As more shoppers search and discover products without ever entering a brick-and-mortar storefront, product-based businesses need to focus on developing a stronger brand and reaching consumers in new ways. Mobile is the key here. – Kyle Wong, Pixlee

5. Purchase Buttons on Social Media

9 Technologies That Could Change the Market for Product-Based BusinessesPinterest just implemented a ‘buy now’ button on all its products, so now instead of spending the next 20 minutes looking for those pairs of shoes for sale online, you can just click on a buy button on your Pinterest post. I can see platforms like Twitter and Facebook following suit, and this easily adds billions to product based businesses. – Liam Martin, Staff.com

6. Facial Recognition Software

9 Technologies That Could Change the Market for Product-Based BusinessesThe retail and beauty industry can benefit from sophisticated facial recognition software. Consumers want a more personalized shopping experience, so imagine a consumer uploading their image to try on makeup or accessories right from their home. Instead of going out to see a makeup artist or asking a friend, facial recognition software can identify the best shade of lipstick or eyeshadow. – Shalyn Dever, Chatter Buzz

7. 3D Printing

14 Online Tools for Effective Competitor ResearchThere is no question that 3D printing presents the most extraordinary opportunity for manufacturers of products. With 3D printing prototypes able to be built in minutes, this allows companies to test market fit and potentially save millions of dollars. Moreover, with a relatively modest investment in a MakerBot or similarly priced 3D printing solution, a company can build prototypes and products in-house. – Obinna Ekezie, Wakanow.com

8. Technology-Based Logistics Solutions

9 Technologies That Could Change the Market for Product-Based BusinessesAny business that ships physical goods should be either very worried or very excited about the way technology is unlocking potential in the logistics space. Look at UPS’ $1.8 billion purchase of Coyote Logistics, or the $3.1 billion sale of Nokia’s connected maps unit to several German automakers. Uber, Routific and others are also investing in route optimization. – Andrew Cross, Walker Sands Communications

9. The Internet of Things

9 Technologies That Could Change the Market for Product-Based BusinessesAs we share more information with our devices, and the data that is being collected gets transferred through a network to communicate with other objects, products become “smarter.” With new and emerging innovation, businesses will have limitless product ideas that will yield improved efficiency and money-saving opportunities for home, office and beyond. – Humberto Farias, Concepta

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