virtual cio benefitsInvesting in your IT department gives you peace of mind and regular maintenance to your computers and servers. Hiring an entire IT department carries a very large price tag, but the services of a virtual Chief Information Officer (CIO) give you the best of both. A virtual CIO offers all the same services as an on-site tech department, without the excessive cost. A virtual CIO offers you a great way to invest in your IT protection without the staffing requirements. The benefits of working with a company to offer virtual service are extensive:

Minimize repairs and data recovery costs.

Network administration and daily monitoring is a necessity. Not only do you need to ensure that your network runs smoothly, you need to eliminate downtime. Virtual monitoring allows your contracted CIO service to catch network disasters before they happen, saving you from expensive repairs and lost work time. Eventual hardware problems are inevitable, but not unpredictable. Network monitoring shows slowdowns in data flow as they happen, allowing early diagnosis and repair around your schedule.

All the benefits of an on-site IT department without the steep price tag.

When you have staff on-site, you let them no of a problem and they start troubleshooting. The same is true with a virtual service. Simply notify your provider and they start working on the issue. Enjoy the same fast and reliable service through a virtual provider.

Comprehensive coverage at one affordable rate.

A virtual CIO service comes as a total package. No separate billing for different services. No hidden charges or by the hour services. When you buy a CIO contract, you get top of the line service at a steep discount.

Faster responses to trouble tickets and maintenance.

An in-house IT department can offer instant service, as long as they are only working on one or two problems at a time. Working with a virtual service gives you instant response times, all of the time. Remote monitoring and access allows your virtual team to start working on an issue from anywhere, at any time.

No more out of control costs. Did you know that an hour of downtime can cost an enterprise company $90,000 in expenses and lost revenue? A contracted service provider offers you the least amount of downtime at a flat rate. It becomes just another budget line along with rent or utilities.

Enjoy round the clock security and data protection.

When you staff an in-house IT department, they only work during regular working hours. What happens if your system is attacked late at night? A virtual service offers 24 hour security for your network. As part of the service, you may be asked to purchase certain hardware or software items to increase the security of your systems, but a one time expense is minor compared to the damage a hacker can do. Plus, a good virtual CIO makes regular backups of your data, so if something happens to your equipment, your data is protected and ready for reinstall.

Get rid of spyware, viruses and malware.

Pop-ups and spyware slow down individual computers, and they also conceal viruses and malware which can install on your network.This slows down all of your employees. Security experts stay on top of potential vulnerabilities and keep your system running fast.

Working with a virtual CIO lets your small business have the security and peace of mind of a Fortune 500 company. Anything that extends your buying power and lowers your costs increases your profit margin. Contracting for virtual CIO services gives you quick access to expert technical help when you need it, without a full time price.