In this competitive world, any business must implement technology to fasten up its services and connect with customers on time. Such an implementation is considered the key to survive in this competitive world.

Even if you own a small business, technology can play the key role in making it big out there. The biggest advantage is that these technological tidbits are inexpensive and readily available. Yet, these can play a prominent role in your business growth and expansion. Let’s go through a few inexpensive technologies that can help your small business survive and grow at a steady pace.

  1. The internet

Let’s keep it short and simple. The internet is a staple tool of any business, be it small or large. You will need the internet to connect with your customers, keep your employee communications within one roof, deliver products, market your products and do many other things related to your business.

Internet will be able to provide you significant information about your competitors based on which you will be able to take necessary steps to grow your business. So you see a simple and inexpensive internet connection gives you unlimited opportunities to grow you business at a steady pace.

  1. Tablet PCs

Desktop computers are a thing of the past. But that doesn’t mean that the effectiveness of desktop computers have diminished a lot. It’s just that they are not that suitable for small business ventures because of space constraints and non-portability.

Tablet computers are portable, take less space and can support almost every required application supported by a desktop PC. These tablets can be used for mobile video conferences where all geographical barriers can be curbed at moment’s notice.

  1. Incorporating augmented reality and virtual reality in business services

Augmented reality and virtual reality might sound an extravagant form of technology. Nonetheless, they are inexpensive and have high ROI (return-on-investment) values.

Through the use of these technologies, you will be able to:

  • Increase your customer base,
  • Remove geographical barriers and reach more people at moment’s notice,
  • Provide customers with a gratifying buying experience,
  • Provide excellent customer support at affordable rates.

Your customers will just need a 3D mobile app on their respective smart phones/ mobile devices and they will be able to tune into your business platform and explore your wares thoroughly in no time.

  1. Business intelligence application software

You have probably heard of this term “big data.” Although it might look a little costlier for small business ventures at the start, but there’s some good news for you if you do have some interest in this subject matter. Certain software developers, these days are providing big data services at affordable prices which makes it a tailor-made for small business ventures.

With these services, small business companies can gain considerable insights about their customers, clients, marketing campaigns and financial status.

  1. Social media tools for marketing purposes

With the increased use of social media in marketing campaigns, businesses need to implement social media marketing tools to reach target markets effectively. These tools can make your social promotions convenient and easy as a piece of cake.

Social media tools can be used to create social media campaigns and at the same time, these can be used to track the performance of each and every campaign.

  1. Data security and cloud storage

You must be in a position to access your data from anywhere, anytime as per your convenience. The safety of your confidential company data is also a priority and needs to be looked into as soon as possible.

Cloud data hosting services can serve this purpose effectively. Certain services can provide you with free storage spaces for all your business related data that you will be able to access anywhere and at any time as per your requirement. Your data will also be encrypted to prevent any unwanted or unscrupulous access.

  1. Website and SEO

If you have a business, you are expected to have a website. It’s specifically a must if your business is online. Even if it isn’t, it’s advisable to go for it. Website hosting services are quite inexpensive these days; so it definitely won’t burn a large hole in your pocket.

After creating your personalized website, it’s advisable to go for SEO related services to increase your website traffic. Organic traffic from major search engines is free but these are the things that turn into sales if SEO‘s done in the right way. Search engines have huge traffic. You’ll just have to direct a large chunk of them to your page and you’ll see your sales skyrocket at moment’s notice.

Being small doesn’t mean that you’ll remain small forever. With proper planning and proper tactic, you will surely be able to make it big out there. Best of luck!

Image share by NEC Corporation of America