Everybody desires to have an efficient team that yields the maximum results.

However, boosting the team’s productivity is one of the most difficult tasks.

Here are top 6 tools that should be a part of every team’s arsenal in order to pump up the productivity.

1- TinyPulse – Great company culture is a benchmark of an esteemed organization. TinyPulse is an employee engagement platform that provides actionable, real time data to build a healthy culture. As an entrepreneur it’s important to get ahead of employee issues and TinyPulse is a tool that leads your team to a better performance.

Here are the top features offered by this tool:

  • Pulse Surveys: It sends out small surveys to employees and collects anonymous feedback about your company culture. Employees have the power to upvote the issues that matter the most.
  • Company Dashboard: It displays the overall health of your company culture. Sentiment analysis powered by machine learning highlights the most pressing issues that need your immediate attention without wasting time on the smaller stuffs.
  • Employee Portal – A powerful portal that transfers the power in the hands of the employees where they can offer their own suggestions of what could be done to improve the company culture. It’s not just discussing problems but offering a potential solution to the problem.

2- Desk-Yogi – A healthy employee is a happy employee and happiness promotes productivity. Wouldn’t it be better if you were able to turn the workstation of your employees into a wellness station? Desk Yogi allows you to do just that.

  • It offers a library of 500+ wellness videos taught by experts that promotes employee wellness.
  • Employees can create their own personalized playlists and weekly live broadcasts.
  • It also offers custom reminders and participation in monthly challenges in order to keep the motivation level high.
  • It ensures that your employees do not miss their daily dose of mind and body break even on the busiest days in order to keep them healthy.

3- Lynda – Skilful employees are the most productive. Lynda is offered by LinkedIn and has over 5,900 courses covering business, technology and creative skills taught by industry experts.

  • It allows you to upskill your entire workforce without having to spend too much on training.
  • Your employees become more comfortable using digital tools which ultimately makes them productive.
  • It offers 24/7 access to thousands of up-to-date and cost-effective business, creative and technology skills training videos designed for desktop and mobile learning.
  • You can also integrate Lynda into a learning management solution (LMS).

4- 15five – Productivity comes from performance management and 15five helps to create a culture of feedback to maximize employee performance.

  • It lets you set and manage OKR’s (objectives and key results). You can integrate objectives into your weekly check-ins. This reduces the load of spreadsheets or emails and provides a seamless experience to review goals completions in real time.
  • You can run quick and effective one-on-one meetings with every employee.
  • You can highlight the visibility of important stuffs so that the team receives it at real time eliminating the need to send emails that might get lost in the inbox.
  • You can boost morale of the employee and spot the hidden stars with the High Fives Dashboard.

5- HipChat – Group chatting, video chatting and screen sharing along with full security is what HipChat offers.

Some of the important features that makes this tool a must have for organizations are:

  • It lets you start video chats right from any text chat so that you don’t waste time to set up a separate video call.
  • You can share your screen with up to 20 people in a click.
  • Information can be shared in a hassle free manner irrespective of the location.
  • All the chat history and shared files are stored securely and you can access them anytime as per your need.
  • It synchronizes across desktops, mobile and web apps which means you can continue with your conversation even if you switch devices.

6- TimeDoctor – It is one of the best time management tools that helps improve both individual and team productivity. It lets you uncover the important details regarding where your employees are spending the maximum time so that important work channels can be identified and improved.

Here are some of the best features of TimeDoctor:

  • Identify the time spent by employees when working and during breaks.
  • Track time spent by the team on priority client projects.
  • Get powerful and detailed reports containing a full summary of work breakdown by time.
  • See the websites and applications visited by the employee during work time.

Always remember that productivity is not only about speed. Accuracy should be the first priority of efficient teams.

Are you using any other tool that has helped to improve your company’s productivity? Please let me know in the comments below.