Pokémon Go is everywhere. It is so popular that people have started making money from it. This is not the first time a game is helping people to earn money. Games such as Counter-Strike and Dota 2 have a big economy surrounding them. The bigger the community, the easier it is to earn money. After all, you are trading your time, energy, and creative ideas for money, and nothing can go wrong if done right.

Pokémon Go has not only brought economic value to Niantic, but also to the players who are finding creative ways to earn money using the game. But how do they do that? The economic value primarily depends on the game assets and the services that flow with it. Pokémon Go’s economy is also based on game assets and services. So how do you do it? Let’s go through the different ways to start earning money with Pokémon Go.

Ways to Start Earning Money with Pokémon Go

1. Developing interesting tools and apps

With every big game release, there are hundreds of developers who start developing APIs, toolsets, and apps for the players. Some APIs take advantage of Niantic servers and let users find Pokémon around them. NoelDavies, from the UK, is currently working on a Pokémon API toolset that will help Pokémon Go in many ways. The toolset can also be used by other developers to create unique apps and generate revenues in the future.

Another developer, dasheck0 is providing essential Pokémon information using a simple API call. He has already made the API live on Pokeapi.co, but is currently building an Android app for easy visualization of the information. You can watch him create the app here. A lot of money making potential here!

PokeWalk, a U.S. company, is using technology to help people catch Pokémons and do other in-game stuff. The rates are optimal as 2, 5, and 10 km walks will cost $10, $15, and $20, respectively.

2. Pokémon Go driver

Pokémon Go is a unique game where the player has to walk long distances to catch Pokémons. Not only that, but other key game elements require walking for short distances such as 5 or 10 km, e.g. “egg hatching.” For most players, it can become an issue. The solution is to get a special service that will help the player get around without taking the walking route. So if you love driving, and helping others, this is the perfect opportunity for you to cash in on. The rates can easily range from $15 to $25 per hour!

3. Sell Pokémon Go accounts

You can grind through your Pokémon Go account and then later sell it for as much as $600! Yes! You read right. You can sell your Pokémon Go account using your current account settings. Even though the value of the accounts decrease over time, it is still a sound investment of your time. Check out the Ebay listing for the keyword “Pokémon Account” here.

4. Hacks

Hacks are part of any popular game out there. Pokémon Go is no different. If you are a developer with competent skills, then you can create a hack and sell it in the market. Currently, there are many Pokémon Go hacks in the market, ranging from $10 to $199. If you like the idea of having your own followers, you can do a broadcast and improve your chances of being hired. Be aware that hacks that are developed for the game should not break Niantic usage terms, as this will land you in trouble. Hack safe and win big!

5. Walk for others

As mentioned earlier in the second point, you can drive around Pokémon Go players in exchange for money. But what happens if you don’t have a car? Don’t worry, as you can walk for others and still earn money. How much should you charge? That all depends on the buyer of your service. Always try to find a balance so more persons are attracted to your offer. Oh yes, there is also a service starting in the United States known as PokeWalk, which will do essentially the same.
ways to start earning with Pokemon Go

6. Become a Pokémon Go trainer

Even though Pokémon Go is a simple game, it can still be puzzling for many players out there. To make the most of this opportunity, you can become a Pokémon Go trainer. But what does a trainer actually do? The trainer offers guidance to the players and helps them to “catch ‘em all.” For training purposes an hourly rate is best, as it offers a continuous service. You, as a Pokémon Go trainer, can easily charge anywhere from $10 to $20 per hour.


Earning money with Pokémon Go is a great opportunity for anyone who is open to new ideas. Many businesses have also started integrating Pokémon Go accessories in their branding, and are cashing in on the popularity of the game. If you are not running a business, it doesn’t matter. You can still benefit by choosing any or all of the six ways mentioned above to earn money with Pokémon Go. For developers, it is easy to go live and start broadcasting their Pokémon Go ideas. This way, they can catch the attention of the audience and recruiters.

Have a unique idea for earning money with Pokémon Go? Comment below and let us know!

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