The anticipation for 5G is growing with its promises of a faster, stronger, and better Internet. 5G networks are expected to usher in a wave of new technologies, opening an era for women in communications and technology that has never been seen before.

With 5G quickly becoming a reality, businesses across all industries and verticals are bracing for the inevitable disruption the technology will bring. This disruption will result in the technology being applied in new ways, presenting unique opportunities for highly-skilled women in IT-related fields, as well as women from a wide range of specializations.

Growing Opportunities

5G cell towers could boost wireless signals by ten times the current speed. Adopting 5G is expected to completely transform our existing way of life, quickly moving us towards automation. With single connections being able to support more devices, soon everything you use will be connected via 5G. However, making this a reality means approaching technology differently.

With the new applications made possible by 5G, successful technology is going to require individuals with different life experiences and career backgrounds to come together to focus on the strategic aspect of technology, creating a growing number of opportunities for women from diverse backgrounds.

Developing successful technologies that use 5G are going to require new people and new skills. IT companies are going to need people that can think strategically and connect the dots between technology and functionality, resulting in a growth of opportunities for high-skill workers.

5G Affects All Areas of Business

Women only account for a quarter of the STEM workforce, with more women opting for social sciences rather than computer engineering. However, the good news is, that despite this, 5G still presents several new opportunities for women. Transitioning to 5G is going to cause a fundamental shift in the kind of jobs we see in all types of businesses. While basic, menial jobs will be automated, there will be a growing demand for more technical jobs across a wide spectrum of industries.

Women do not have to specialize in IT to benefit from the changes 5G will usher in. Businesses will need workers that can help them employ the new technology to not only benefit the business but also enhance the customer experience. Additionally, businesses will need employees that can help them analyze the data they can collect with the new technology to improve business practices and make strategic decisions, creating opportunities for women in many fields, not just IT.

Challenges Still Exist

There’s no denying the fact that 5G will bring new opportunities with its widespread implementation. Certainly, women are more than capable of taking on the challenges that 5G presents and while there are more opportunities available, there are still areas where gender bias will challenge women.

For instance, the majority of leadership in the tech sector is male-dominated. This will continue to be an uphill battle, given that gender bias often begins in childhood with gender-based toys. However, this same challenge provides an opportunity for growth within the tech industry as it evolves.

Taking Advantage of New Technologies

The adoption of 5G has begun, but, there is still a long way to go before there is significant progress and widespread use. The best way to take advantage of the opportunities that 5G creates for women is to make the necessary efforts to be ready for the change when the time comes. This means taking the time to read and learn about how 5G will affect various industries. Understanding this new technology’s impact on numerous positions, industries, and geographical regions can give women a competitive edge.

Understanding the potential of 5G can be invaluable when it comes to problem-solving, as it can help in the future application of the technology. In addition to understanding the potential of the technology, it’s important to work towards developing new software and logic skills to help set yourself apart from the crowd once 5G is more widely implemented.

Another way to take advantage of the opportunities that 5G will bring to the table is to consider lateral opportunities. Some organizations will adopt 5G more quickly than others. Opting to take advantage of a lateral opportunity can provide valuable experience with 5G technology. This experience can give you a competitive edge once 5G is widely adopted, qualifying you for better positions in the future, leading to career growth.

Adopting 5G

Before these opportunities for women will materialize, 5G must be widely adopted. However, one of the biggest challenges to 5G is the infrastructure that is needed. Some infrastructure exists as several wireless providers have limited accessibility to 5G networks, but more infrastructure is needed to provide widespread availability. Adopting 5G also depends on government policies that allow the use of the services.

Currently, the FCC is prioritizing the implementation of 5G by modernizing outdated regulations and removing bureaucratic hurdles. With the push for 5G intensifying, many businesses will likely be using the new technology in the next four to five years, ushering in an era of opportunities for women.