“Do you like spy movies?” asks Samuel L. Jackson’s character in Kingsman.

“Nowadays they’re all a little serious for my taste” responds Colin Firth.

This one line basically sums up what Kingsman is all about. From superheroes to super-villains, outlandish plot twists and – most of all – wickedly cool technology, this flick has everything modern spy movies have been missing since the early days of James Bond!

The only real difference is that while Bond films had viewers salivating over their ridiculously futuristic gadgets, a lot of the spy tech in Kingsman isn’t that far-fetched. So much like the movie, today’s post reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously as we show you how you can get decked out with the latest wearables so you too can go out and save the world.

Samuel L Jackson Makes Google Glass Cool Again


As one of the many efforts made by Google to make Glass cool, they had the movie’s super-villain Mr.Valentine subtly wearing a few sleek pairs throughout the entire screening. You can even admit that having a custom pair of wearable frames takes away that initial creep factor and actually looks quite classy.

Smart Umbrellas: The Ultimate Accessory For the Modern Gentleman


Admittedly, the Kisha umbrella doesn’t come fully loaded with a stun gun or amnesia-inhibiting darts, but it does vow to always keep you dry by reminding you when it’s about to rain and to never get lost due to the implanted tracker it comes with; Pretty spy-worthy, right? We think so. Especially if you’re living in rainy London or Vancouver for example, you may want to make this a regular addition to your wardrobe.

It’s Not a Watch…It’s a Timepiece


If you happen to have $25,000 laying around in the bank you can invest in the Bremont Kingsman watch, a special edition that was custom made for Colin Firth by the luxurious British watchmaker. The catch is, this one doesn’t even make phone calls or check your texts. Motorola, on the other hand, has come out with one of the nicest smart watch designs we’ve seen so far, and it does far more than just tell the time. Considered one of the more premium watches on the market at the moment, we think the Moto 360 is well worthy of a league of gentlemen.

Badass Biometrics


Hand scanners are by no means a new innovation. In fact, if you’ve worked for a large corporation, you’ve probably used some form of biometrics for security purposes in the past. Whether or not you’ve felt like a spy while entering into your office building is any of our business, there are definitely more badass uses of biometrics. The Hexoskin, for one, is perfect for spy training. This line of smart active-wear considers metrics such as breathing capacity, heart rate and sleeping patterns in order to help the user obtain optimal fitness levels. All of the information, of course, is relayed to your other devices so connecting the Hexoskin to your new Moto 360 will be no problem.

Holographic Specs


The glasses you see here on Colin Firth are no ordinary specs, and they could just be the next big thing in business wear. In Kingsman, we witness a swiftly executed virtual meeting between league members, which allows them to see each other in holographic form using the glasses. In the meantime, real life technology isn’t far behind. Back in April, along with the announcement of Windows 10, came the most innovative advancement we’ve seen in a while from Microsoft. The difference between Hololens and other augmented reality devices, is that this technology allows for actual tactile and auditory interaction with holograms. Still curious about what else this wearable does? You can check this link for more details.

A Future of possibilities

As mobile developers, the most exciting thing for us is knowing that no matter what size, shape or form every awesome new wearable comes in, we’ll be able to create a seamless experience that allows every device to communicate with each other in our ever-evolving, interconnected world.

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