You must’ve been in a situation when you needed various everyday gadgets from your home in your vehicles. Of course, you shouldn’t go that far to make your car a house on wheels, but there are surely some gadgets that you are going to find useful while driving.


Handpresso Auto

Driving for many hours or driving in the early morning can be quite dangerous as you are constantly under the risk of falling asleep, which can have a fatal result. This little gadget is designed especially for in-car use and you are going to love it. Just make sure that your Handpresso is always full of water and that you always have an extra coffee pod in your car – the only remaining thing to do is plug it in your lighter socket and you can enjoy your fresh cup of coffee wherever you go. No more yawning and sleepiness – keep your eyes on the road and remember – SAFETY FIRST.


Bluetooth hands free car kits

Not only that these gadgets are law-requiring if you wish to use your cell phone while driving, but they are also really useful. Some hands free car kits come with a wireless remote control that is usually placed on the steering wheel which helps the driver focus on the road and not the dialing. New generations of hands free car kits come with color screens, double microphones and multiple functions such as software that diminishes background noise. Imagine having to call someone immediately while in a traffic jam? Well, with the advance of technology, you don’t even need to move your hands from your steering wheel now!


Cell phone car charger

One of the most frustrating things that can happen to you while you are away from home is to find your cell phone battery dead – and the worst thing is that you just got out of your home. In order to avoid such situations, you should always carry a travel charger in your vehicle. No matter if you are going to a grocery store, work or on a trip, you need to have this gadget in your car. The use of this charger is simple and as with any car gadget, you will need to plug one side into a cigarette lighter socket and the other part into your phone – that’s all.


People who live in bigger cities and who travel a lot because of work or some other reasons find their navigation systems really practical. This is a satellite navigation that uses a GPS navigation device to show your position on a map shown on a screen in your vehicles. Pick your final destination and see which would be the faster way towards it – there is no more running late because you got lost in all those streets and alleys.


3G and 4G amplifiers

Some cannot imagine their life without the internet and the reasons are different – job, pleasure or simply boredom. But what will you do in those occasions when you desperately need to check something online but there is no reception? Car signal boosters or amplifiers can solve this problem once and for all. This is a little portable device that you can even use in your homes which makes it perfect for in-car use and travelling to areas where the reception is weak.

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