As we progress through the digital age, technology is constantly helping us overcome obstacles in various areas of importance such as health and safety. The advances of technology have allowed us to live longer, better, and without as much trouble as before.

Of course, technology is not always a serious business. In fact, some of the most interesting technological concepts have become reality because they are simply fun. The year of 2017 is ripe with entertainment gadgets that will aid or even transform the ways you have fun.

Hypersuit – Become a superhero

Forget about the Oculus Rifts and HTC Vines of the world. For a truly immersive VR experience, take a look at the Hypersuit instead. Though the concept is still in its very early stages, this gadget is an entire exoskeleton that lets you do anything you want in virtual reality, including flying.

Soon, you will no longer have to use your imagination to be a superhero. Instead, you will be able to do in the comfort of the Hypersuit, or at least similar gadgets.

Mattel Aristotle – An AI assistant for your kids

Amazon Echo and Google Home are both great devices and many other companies are already following in their footsteps with their own home-based virtual assistants. All of them, however, are focused on providing adults with the entertainment that they crave. But will no one think of the children?

The Mattel Aristotle is an alternative suggestion, a virtual assistant/nanny cam with additional capabilities. This gadget will not only monitor your kids but will also soothe them if they cry during the night, help them learn a different language, and remind them to play well with each other.

Sennheiser Flex 5000 – Listen to your TV anywhere in the house

We have all been there. Your favorite music show is on, your favorite contestant is about to sing but you really need to answer the call of nature. Do you turn the music up as high as possible and potentially wake up everyone in the house or stay in the room and suffer?

Well Sennheiser has a different solution. Its docking station links to your TV and the companion wireless dongle lets you plug in your headphones so that you can listen to anything that’s happening in your TV, regardless of where you are in the house.

ET Mini – A compact but powerful entertainment system

Portable projects have existed for a few years now but no one has attempted to create an inclusive entertainment system in a single device, until now. The ET Mini is a portable entertainment system that contains a Full HD projector with 0 to 90 degrees no dead angle projection, a waterproof speaker with crystal-clear 360-degree audio, and an HD microphone.This project has already crushed its ~AU$39,000 goal by almost three times, and for good reason. Dubbed as the “world’s first all-in-one, portable entertainment system” as well as the “world’s smallest pocket entertainment system”, the ET Mini already looks very promising indeed.

All of those features come in the size of an iPhone Plus 7 and with a weight of approximately half a kilo. The device can project any media from any device including smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

Jack – All headphones are now wireless

When Apple announced that the standard headphone jack would no longer be present in its iPhone, many questioned the company’s decision and the future of mobile audio.

One industry that certainly rejoiced at the prospect of eliminating headphone jacks, however, was that of wireless headphones. Thanks to Jack by Podo Labs, any pair of headphones can now be a wireless pair of headphones.

All you need to do is plug your standard, wired headphones into Jack’s 3.5mm audio port, pair the device to your smartphone (via Bluetooth), and you are done. The Jack will transmit audio directly to your headphones, and you will be free from cables, as long as you can organize them correctly.