If you are a programmer / coder, you are always thinking about coming up with an innovative software program / app that will simply blow away your target market and fetch you rich economic dividends for all the work work you will put in. However, conceiving a great idea and then following it up with a meticulous piece of coding is only a part of the picture.

You need to put in some great energy and planning, and then back it up with a hefty marketing spree in order to bring your product to the light in front of the right market segment. Equally important is going on a marketing spree only after you have a well thought out strategy in mind. And such dividends can most probably only be brought about by a professional marketing agency who are well suited to this job and know all the ins and outs. The odds of an individual with little or no knowledge of marketing successfully executing a marketing strategy for a software / app aren’t really high, so it is wise to leave this job to those who are well suited to it.

Today we will be taking a brief look at 5 online technology platforms that can provide just the right kind of impetus your tech marketing strategy requires. Here it goes then.


This is a premier platform offering access to websites that can be termed as marketing gurus, offering a large variety of services. Most of the websites on their network require you to pen down the marketing content yourself, and once it gets posted as an ad, they will notify their readers about all such sponsored content’s nature.

The marketing rates for websites on their panel range from as little as $350 and go even above $10000!


This is yet another rich network offering access to a wide array of websites that attract a sufficient amount of web traffic. Just to stress the importance of the heavy amount of visitor traffic they get, Purch’s network attracts over 3.8m mobile users and approximately 1m IT decision makers. For those of you who have a marketing budget of less than $25000, Purch the self-service facility will come in pretty handy. Self-service provides users with the luxury of choosing between targeting worldwide or the US only with an additional CPM of $2 to $10.

Check out the rate card for the Purch Network to determine which offer is best suited to your product.


CBS is counted amongst the most trustworthy names as far as covering technology news is concerned. That is precisely why they attract over 1 billion users in every single quarter! It offers varying kinds of flexible solutions to just about every kind of potential advertiser that visits one of their sites. The self-service portal is very interactive in nature and facilitates the user with any query they have. Large-scale advertising campaigns can be launched after checking out the relevant information on this page. The CPM rates can be checked out as well by hitting this page.


This is yet another platform that will blow you away with the opportunities it opens up for you once you decide to hire their services. They specialise in Technology, Gaming & Men’s Lifestyle. It owns a huge 150 online properties and gets approximately 46m unique his to these sites on a monthly basis, which is in addition to the close to 20m hits it gets to it’s gaming sites. These figures are fairly enough to establish the fact that Ziffdavis will prove very handy. However, they do not offer any self-service options for their entire web network. Some of the well renowned sites they own are PCMag, Speedtest, PingTest, Toolbox & IGN.


IDG claims to own a staggering close to 600 tech websites that attract over 130m unique visitors every month. Of this figure, 90m visitors come from the US alone! Some of the popular brands on this network are PCWorld, TechHive, InfoWorld, Macworld & CIO.

Click here to view the IDG Tech Network media kit.