In this day and age, it’s not a stretch to say that there are few industries more prosperous than the tech industry. And, as technology and people’s everyday lives continue to become even more entwined with each other, the growth in the industry is expected to remain steady, which means that job-seekers will continue to gravitate towards the tech sector for years to come.

If you’re thinking about pursuing a career in tech, however, you should know that you’ll likely face stiff competition, especially when it comes to high-end positions. To that end, here are a few essential tips and time-tested strategies that can aid you in your quest for the perfect tech sector job:

  1. Move To A Flourishing Tech City

A recent study by ABODO shows that, in 2016, the tech scene is more dispersed than it’s ever been. This is great news for anyone who wants to take part in something special without having to move all the way to Silicon Valley. Start-up culture has infiltrated place likes Dallas, Pittsburgh and Portland, where lower living costs and high salaries allow skilled techies to live comfortable lives while making a contribution to their company of choice. If you want to get in on the action, be sure to study your options carefully and pick out a city that fits your personality and ideals.

  1. Showcase Your Skills

In 2016, it’s essential that all prospective employees showcase their work online in some fashion or another. Programmers can show their skills off on Github, while designers can host their work on the likes of Dribbble and Behance. Finally, writers and business people in general can simply start a blog using Medium or WordPress in order to gain visibility. Building your own brand isn’t a necessity, but it can definitely help you stand out from the crowd.

  1. Take Part In Industry-Related Events

Despite some long-lasting preconceptions, the tech sector actually thrives on networking. From hackathons to seminars to co-work hubs, people in the industry enjoy being in the company of other like-minded professionals, and these kinds of events can often form the basis for many future collaborations. So take a look and see which events cater to your area of interest and try to fit them into your schedule. Some may require a certain level of initial investment, but will in turn grant you access to a network of insiders that can have a profound effect on your career.

  1. Consider Your Options

Probably the most overlooked aspect of finding a job in the tech sector lies in picking the path that works best for you. For instance, some people thrive in a corporate environment where rules are better defined and employees always know what’s expected of them, while others will likely find such experiences rather restrictive.

On the other hand, start-up culture isn’t without its faults either, ranging from shoddy business plans to a general level of unpredictability that can wreak havoc on your nerves if what you crave is stability. So make sure you research all your options, and don’t be afraid to consult job review sites like Glassdoor before committing to any company in particular.

  1. Be Persistent

Finally, if you truly do know what you want, make sure you keep your motivation levels in check as you search for a position that you can feel comfortable in. You’ll likely hear your fair share of negative responses along the way, and be offered plenty of positions that may not be as rosy as they first seem, so always take the time to analyze any offer that comes your way and don’t be disappointed when things exactly as planned.

The tech sector is notoriously prone to sudden shifts and changes, especially at the start-up level, but the industry itself isn’t going anywhere, so relax and continue to pursue your dreams at your own pace.

In conclusion, getting a job in the tech sector is ultimately a matter of having the right mindset and the proper skills at the same time, both of which can be gained through steady exercise. Whether you’re switching industries or entering the tech world as a complete newbie, you can generally expect to start out with a junior position and then gradually work your way up over the course of several years. Still, you’ll be taking part in a revolution that has only just begun changing the world in ways previously thought unimaginable.