CES 2017 is coming, and anyone who’s anyone in tech will be there. Major brands have already begun teasing new products that will be unveiled at the Las Vegas mega tradeshow.

But what about new brands on the tech scene? CES 2017 is just the place for new tech players to make a splash and drive interest in the latest and greatest technology.

Here are five up and coming tech brands, across a variety of niches, that we can’t wait to see at CES 2017.

Pai Technology


Pai Technology is an ed tech brand that’s seen massive success in international markets and just launched in the US. It’s a company created by parents, for parents and their target market is children three to 12 and their families.

They will be unveiling a line of guilt-free tech toys at CES, including: Cube-Tastic, a rubik’s style puzzle cube that uses augmented reality to help kids solve the puzzle, Ocean Pets, which allows children to create their own pets using clay and watch them come to life, and Pai Band, a kids activity band and fitness tracker.

Amy Braun, the marketing director for Pai Technology says, “Our goal is to create technology that parents don’t have to feel guilty about. Our tech toys encourage children to grow, develop and play.”

Pet Cube


Who says technology is just for humans? Pet Cube is a line of tech products that helps pet owners stay connected with their pets. Their product line includes PetCube Camera, the #1 selling pet camera that allows pet owners to see, talk to and interact with their pets while away from the house.

Bradley Wells of Pet Cube says ,”We’re dedicated to improving the lives of pet parents and their pets by connecting them through technology.”

Pet Cube will also be unveiling a prototype for their new product, PetCube Bites, an interactive treat camera for pets, at CES 2017.



Moorebot is a fully customizable voice interactive robot for homes and businesses. Following a success Indiegogo campaign in 2016, the company will be unveiling the robot for the first time at CES.

The robot can be fully customized and upgraded, giving it the ability to learn. It can be used to monitor your home while you’re away, as a personal assistant for your business, or to record events, among countless other options.



Bloomlife is the first pregnancy wearable for expectant moms to track contractions and receive prenatal insights, taking the guesswork out of pregnancy.

Robyn Moore, the PR rep for Bloomlife says, “For the first time, Bloomlife empowers expectant moms with information previously locked in hospitals and extremely costly.”

The wearable device syncs with an app via Bluetooth so you can monitor your data in the Bloomlife app. The baby tech company is sure to be a hit among expecting techies at CES 2017.

Prevent Biometrics


Prevent Biometrics is a CES newcomer with a lofty goal; to prevent undiagnosed concussions in competitive sports.

The company states that current sports headwear doesn’t adequately protect against head injuries and concussions, but by wearing the Prevent Biometrics monitor as a mouth guard it can read and detect impact, force and hit direction in real time.

Ryan Martinez, a media relations specialist for the company, says, “Prevent [Biometrics] hopes to advance sports safety, protect athletes and learn more about concussions to make better protocols in detection and treatment.”

Will CES 2017 Live Up to the Hype?

CES is right around the corner and techies everywhere are waiting in anticipation for the newest, most innovative technology to be unveiled. From drones, to virtual reality, from big tech companies to startups, we’re sure it will live up to all the hype. For more CES related news, check out the official CES page.