After realizing I was spending over $200/month on my cable bill, I finally reached a point where I had enough and cutting the cable cord was in play. Even though I loved being able to watch what I wanted, when I wanted it, I just didn’t find myself doing so often enough to justify the expense. So despite my anxiety, I cut the cord. Cut it without even thinking about what my backup plan was going to be. I figured I would just figure it out over time. Here are 5 things I’ve learned that make it a hell of a lot easier to do.

1. Get a Mohu HD Antenna

For only about $40, you can get local HD channels over the air and in many cases, in better quality. Times have changed and many people are reverting back to getting antennas as the technology has come a long way. Reviews of the Mohu Leaf are universally strong. Mine is on the way and so should yours. In addition, networks like ABC, NBC and CNBC let you watch their programming free of charge on their websites and mobile apps.

2. Get a Roku, Apple TV, or Chromecast

You’re going to need a “new” cable box, and one of the above will fill in quite nicely. They all do variations of the same thing…allow you to stream content from a variety of sources some of which are mentioned below. Note that many newer TVs circumvent the need for these with much of these features built in so if you have a TV with these apps already available, or are looking for a new TV, you may be able to save here.

3. Subscribe to Netflix, Amazon Prime & Hulu

Say hello to at least half of what you were probably watching already if not more by getting on board with the big 3. Worth every penny and like a DVR, you watch on your schedule. With Amazon Prime you’re also getting free 2 day shipping on the site. Honestly, I don’t know how they make money on that deal, but in the meantime, you should be enjoying it. Watch how much Christmas shopping you end up doing on Amazon with the free 2 day shipping. It’s worth every line, traffic jam and parking nightmare you’ll avoid.

4., NBA League Pass, NHL GameCenter Live

Outside of the NFL, you can still access the other major sports with their exclusive streaming offerings. While a bit more expensive, you’re getting practically every game and a whole slew of additional content. For sports fans, this may be a must to truly cut the cord as sports programming is the biggest challenge in many cases.

5. Get Sling TV

Good news sports fans, times have changed. And launching early this year you can now get ESPN, ESPN2, TNT, TBS and few other channels without needing to have cable for only $20/month. This is another huge step towards being able to get rid of cable and not lose out on much. Service launches in early 2015.

Bonus Tip: Do Other Things

It’s amazing what happens when you remove the simplicity of hitting a button and having hundreds of channels at your disposal. Despite the above tips making it easier than ever to get rid of cable, all of them still require a bit more steps to actually getting the programming going, which interestingly makes it easier to want to do other things. Like talk. Listen to music. Write, read, etc. It seems pretty silly, but that’s exactly what happens. So I guess I’m saying cutting the cable cord is actually healthier for you.

So how about you? What’s your cutting the cable cord story?