As a chill begins to bite at the air and the leaves on the trees turn to an exquisite display of reds, yellows, and oranges, one thing is certain:

Halloween is just around the corner.

There’s a number of fun ways to celebrate this spooky season.

Neighborhood houses have begun spinning spiderwebs around their landscaping and hanging lights from their porches.

Folks of all ages are planning out chilling costumes to wear to petrifying parties. The horror movies are screening and the faint-of-heart are screaming.

And one of my personal favorite ways to celebrate the season …

Sharing Halloween chatbots to help you get into the spirit — and maybe find inspiration!

We know this:

Chatbots are a key tool for businesses and marketers to help them increase reach, acquire new customers, reengage and retain customers and increase sales, while dramatically reducing customer support costs.

But let’s not forget:

Chatbots are engaging, interactive and entertaining!

And Halloween chatbot offer a festive display of engagement that slays.
Read on for MobileMonkey’s list of 5 harrowing Halloween chatbots to spice up your season!

1. BooBot – Costume Store Customer Service

We’ve all been there – the Halloween party is tomorrow and you haven’t found a costume yet. BooBot will come to your rescue by helping you find the perfect costume at the price you need.

BooBot is a cute and spooky Halloween chatbot for sure, but it’s also a customer service chatbot that has a lot of features.

Beyond simply finding you a costume (which it’s great at!), this fun Halloween chatbot can assist you in your money-saving and find you the best sales and coupons or let you know when the price drops on an item you want.

Or, chat with BooBot to save some creepy costumes to your favorites collection so that they’re easy to pull up again at a later date!

BooBot is available on Facebook Messenger and on Google Play.

2. CryptTV – Video Recommendation Messenger Bot

CryptTV is a Halloween chatbot that provides you with scary videos and short horror films to watch.

And who doesn’t love getting scared during Halloween time?

This Halloween chatbot experience will direct you to some of the spookiest videos on the web (including short films of a fearful nature!), pull up a window, and allow you to watch them right within the Messenger app.

This unnerving use of Facebook Messenger automation makes it even easier to scare yourself silly every night this October.

3. ScaryBot – Scary Meme Messenger Bot

So you’ve watched all the movies, you’ve been on all the haunted hayrides and through all the haunted houses. You’ve attended parties and decorated your house to it’s appalling potential. But you’re still craving some spine-tingling scares!

ScaryBot is a unique Facebook chatbot that provides the user with the best Creepypastas on the internet.

If you don’t know what a Creepypasta is, then you’re in for a treat.

Creepypastas are stories, myths, or images, usually of a terrifying nature, that are copied and pasted throughout the internet – essentially becoming digital legends.

First, you can tell ScaryBot what you’d like to see.

The Halloween chatbot will then bring up a scrolling menu of options for you to choose from. You can choose to view them or save them to your favorites to view at a later time.

Finally, the chilling chatbot will pull up a window right within Messenger so you don’t have to wait for a separate webpage to load, open a different application, or ever leave the chat at all!

Enjoy losing sleep over these terrifying tales!

4. Escape from Ghost Treasure Mansion – Skype Game Bot

Our fourth Halloween chatbot example is a Skype bot.

Skype actually has a number of chatbots for users to interact with, but this particular Halloween chatbot hosts a peculiar puzzle game that can be completed through chatbot dialogues.

In Skype, search for the bot in contacts to start the game.

Begin the Escape from Ghost Treasure Mansion game by approaching their late rich uncle’s spooky mansion. The bot provides options to move the game forward.

As the game continues, the user finds a ouija board, which will come in handy later on during some of the puzzles.

That’s when the game really gets started. You find yourself locked in the rickety old mansion and your only option is to move through the puzzles to reach your uncle’s treasure at the end.

The game provides a puzzle and then asks the user to send a picture of the answer.

It can be difficult to get the Halloween chatbot to recognize the pictures that the user sends, so luckily, there is also an option to type the answer.

Once the user solves 3 puzzles correctly, they are allowed to claim the treasure.

But if you want to continue on with the grisly game, you may complete the last two puzzles — but only at your own risk!

5. The Digital Ghost – iOS App Bot

The final Halloween chatbot on our list strays slightly from the spooky fun nature of the previous four.

Now we take a look into some truly spooky tech, and consider the implications of such intriguing inventions and AI.
After Eugenia Kuyda’s closest friend, Roman Mazurenko, died in a car accident, she decided to commemorate him by building an artificially intelligent chatbot.

Using years of text messages and emails as example content to train the AI, the conversational chatbot learned how Roman spoke, and used this knowledge to imitate him to users who wanted to speak to him post-mortem.

The app, named simply after its deceased counterpart, is free to download in the Apple Store.

Once opened, the chatbot leads the user to form questions and conversational pieces, to which the digital ghost of Roman responds with his opinions, ideas, and sometimes, pictures from his life.

Roman Mazurenko’s digital ghost makes us feel a number of emotions that often come with the Halloween season as its macabre themes mix with shortening days and colder weather.

But the digital ghost of Roman Mazurenko brings up other things as well; particularly the future of chatbots and artificial intelligence.

Halloween chatbots are festive and fun, but the digital ghost of Roman Mazurenko shows us that these are powerful examples of artificial intelligence.

AI chatbots have been used for so much already, and there is still so much uncharted territory.

Halloween Chatbots: Tricks and Treats, or Hair-Raising Robotics?

Chatbots are extremely versatile pieces of technology.

There are marketing chatbots, ecommerce chatbots, customer support chatbots, chatbots to have fun and play games, and even chatbots to memorialize.

Chatbots are being utilized more and more by businesses and marketers, but they are also expanding into the world of the day-to-day person.
Anyone can build a chatbot, and for that reason, the uses that we see for these little artificially intelligent bots are ever-expanding.

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