More cloud services are realizing the benefits of integrating their product with popular file-hosting service Dropbox. Below are the most recent additions to the growing family of Dropbox integrations:

dropbox integration


Collaboration just got even better in Podio, an online work platform. Podio CTO Phil Chambers announced last April that the web and mobile app was integrating with Dropbox, enabling users to add Dropbox files to their Podio accounts instead of sending these files over email.  Podio gives you dedicated workspaces online. Features include Product Management, CRM and Lead Management, Collaboration, Product Development, Social Intranet, Recruiting, and Event Management.  The mobile app is available for the iPhone and Android.


RingCentral is an award-winning cloud business phone systems provider. Last March, the company rolled out RingCentral CloudFax, the first Internet fax service that integrates with Dropbox, Box, and Google Docs. If you’re a RingCentral subscriber, you can now fax directly from these popular cloud storage tools.  You will also be able to send your document to multiple recipients, attach multiple files, and even set fax delivery schedules. RingCentral CloudFax is key component of the new RingCentral Cloud Touch platform, which lets you set up, manage, and use your phone system from any mobile device.


Cloud Computer-Aided Design (CAD) upstart Sunglass, which just debuted in TechCrunch Disrupt NYC last May, launched a new API that directly integrates with major CAD tools like Processing, Rhino, SketchUp, and SolidWorks. The collaboration tool now also integrates with cloud storage tools Dropbox and Box so you can easily add projects and collaborate better. Presently, Sunglass is compatible with over 40 file formats.  It is also planning to enable phone calls using Twilio and implement streaming and version control.  Co-founder Nitin Rao tells VentureBeat that Sunglass’ long-term vision is to be the “Github of 3D”.  As part of the company’s mission to democratize CAD and make it more affordable for everyone, Sunglass invites other CAD software players to partner with them.

Teamwork Project Manager

Get your project done on time and with fewer expenses with this project management software. Teamwork PM lets you assign projects and inform teammates about key dates and goals.  It also helps you keep track of all your projects and overall schedule.  Last August, Teamwork also launched Dropbox integration to allow teams to collaborate better. By connecting Dropbox to your Teamwork account, Dropbox files can be referenced through Teamwork, so that these files appear in your Teamwork files tab. Changing a file in Dropbox will also update the files in Teamwork. In addition, you can now choose to link Dropbox files while creating a task or message.

WD 2go mobile app

Do you want to the benefits of having both a public and a personal cloud storage? Western Digital (WD) just introduced Dropbox integration in their popular WD 2go mobile app for personal cloud products—My Book® Live™, My Book Live Duo, and the My Net™ N900 Central HD router with storage. These cloud offerings provide shared storage on the home network, allowing you to centralize documents, photos, music, and videos and automatically back up these files in home computers.  The upgrade now also lets you move, copy, and share these files amongst your Dropbox account, mobile device, and personal cloud. If you have a small file you want to share, you can simply copy these files to Dropbox; however, if the file size is too big, you can just send a secure link through email. Using the “open with” function, you can now also send files to and receive from third-party apps installed on your mobile devices. Currently, WD 2go is offered as a free download at the iTunes App Store, Amazon Appstore for Android, and Google Play.