“Wow!” “Sigh!” “Awesome!” Wish to hear such compliments for your next web venture? Try WordPress. The most favored CMS in the virtual arena, today WordPress powers more than 60 million sites over the World Wide Web. And believe it or not, this number is multiplying with every passing day. This says it all in the honor of ‘The CMS’ and its highly admirable functionality. But have you wondered how can you make this already ‘stupendous’ WordPress site more copacetic? Well in simple terms, how to make your WordPress site a high-performer. Let’s take a look at 5 cheat sheet ways to make your WordPress site Awesome!

Trick#1: Make Database Optimization a Ritual

WordPress is a content management system and database forms a core part of this CMS. The major functions of your WordPress site such as fetching, storing, updating and removing content and information, is dependent on the database. Thus, optimizing WordPress database can duly improve the performance of your site. There are two ways of optimizing your MySQL database- by using the WP-Optimize plugin or via PHPMyAdmin from the command line. The WP-Optimize plugin enables you to optimize MySQL tables, clean spam comments and delete unnecessary posts.

Trick#2: Righteous Hosting is Right

When you are dealing with a WordPress-based website, hosting is one of the most concerning factors. As a norm, three types of WordPress hosting are available for use- VPS, dedicated and shared server hosting. In order to maintain the high performance levels of your WordPress site and ameliorate its functionality, it is best to opt for VPS hosting solution.

Trick#3: Use Image Optimization, Reduce Load Time

One of the major issues encountered with the load time of your WP site is the large size of images hosted on it.  You need to optimize the image before using it, in a manner that it significantly reduces the load time of your site. Free online image compressors and image editing software help you in accomplishing image optimization without much hassle. Additionally you can install WP Smush.it plugin to effectively compress image files before use.

Trick#4: Cash on WordPress Caching Plugin

Caching is another important factor to be considered as you look forward to enhance the performance of your WP site. There are various plugins available to serve caching purpose in WordPress, but some of the most noteworthy plugins include WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache.

Trick#5: Boil Down CSS and JavaScript

Another tweak that helps in reducing the load time of your WP site considerably is combining CSS and JavaScript files together and compressing them. You can use WP Minify plugin for this purpose. It creates compressed and minified versions of CSS and JavaScript files thus making them suitable for user in your website.

Bonus Trick: Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade!

Last but not the least, upgrade your version of WordPress as and when an upgrade or a new release surfaces. It is also essential to timely upgrade your WordPress plugins, in order to enhance the security and functionality of your PSD to WordPress Converted website.

WordPress is a highly functional CMS with unparalleled performance and security features. But there is always some home for improvisation. So, use the aforementioned cheat sheet tricks and make your WordPress site a tad better than just ‘Wonderful’; make it ‘Awesome’.