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The events industry is a fast paced one and is set to grow all around the world. According to a report by Business Visits and Events Partnership (BVEP) the event industry is worth £40 billion in the UK with conferences and meeting accounting for £19.9 billion. With events beginning to shape visitor economy globally, we’ll continue to see how this will be impacted by technology.

Mobile Tickets

Mobile is transforming every industry on a global level, and the events industry is no exception to this change. One way this has innovated events is through ticket buying systems. The usage rates for mobile apps has increased over the years and consumers now expect a fully integrated mobile experience when attending exhibitions, forums, and conferences.

Wearable Technology

Like Mobile technology, the market for wearable tech continues to grow and find new niches. Despite reports of sales of the Apple watch, smart watches lead the market. A massive development from the events world is that consumers can now use Eventbrite on both Apple Watch and Android Smart watches!

With the market size of global wearable technology set to increase to over US$ 4 billion in 2017 tech innovators can easily gain entrance with just a show of their wrist as well as capture memorable moments and information from your event.

Live Streaming

As services like Periscope, Facebook, and Instagram Live continue to gain momentum, the idea of live streaming is becoming more popular and mainstream to event organizers. The use of this platform is a great opportunity to continue an engagement stream with delegates who are unable to attend the event, and could ultimately lead to the growth of ticket sales in the long term.

However, some event organizers worry that live streaming could potential encourage customers who would have paid for a ticket to stay at home instead and access the event’s content for free through one of these streaming services.

Whatever view you take, streaming technology is something to keep on your radar.

Event Personalisation

Event personalization is a great development to help organizations collect valuable information on their attendees which can be analyzed to create more powerful and customised event experience.

This form of personalization will make your audience feel special. Allowing them to pick and choose what aspects of the event suits them, from the choice of sessions to attend to organizing meeting with other attendees, can increase engagement and loyalty. The more you can personalize events to cater to meet individual objectives you will definitely see an increase in attendance.

Personalised experiences are becoming more and more popular and attendees are increasingly expecting both the communication about an event and the live experience to be tailored to them in some way. Technology makes this level of personalization possible.