IT Support was among the top responses for what businesses are most focused on in 2016, according to a survey that we conducted in December of last year. More and more organizations are realizing how much money can truly be saved by improving response and resolution times and upgrading the quality of their IT support overall. In fact, we did a cost analysis breakdown for a client that had them saving $20,000 with our support per month in comparison to the poor response and resolution times they were previously experiencing. But what other benefits are there for companies that opt into a higher quality (and typically much more expensive) managed IT support program? Here are 3 ways that quality IT support makes life easier:

  1. More productive employees
    Employee productivity is extremely important. It fosters happier employees and has been shown to improve the bottom line. When you upgrade to a higher quality IT support team, you generally get faster response times, a better infrastructure, tools to manage your tickets and certified, experienced technicians. What does this translate to? Faster ticket resolution times. This means your employees can get back to work sooner without being constantly handicapped by workstation and network issues.
  2. Better customer experience
    Customer experience is the buzzword of the year this year. Everyone wants to invest in improving their customer experience so that they can stop losing customers to their competition. There’s no better way to boost customer experience than starting on a foundational level with improved IT support. See, when issues are being resolved faster, that means your users can better service and respond to your clients and customers, which equates to more people being helped, reduced hold times and happier customers that stick around. Hard to put a value on keeping customers around, since acquiring new ones can cost 7 times more than retaining your existing ones.
  3. Improved company culture
    Hiring people is expensive. Turning over employees is even more expensive. When you’re constantly turning over employees, that cost far exceeds any investment that you would put into improved managed IT support. You could argue that the amount you’ll save in turnover as a result of technology frustration could pay for your IT support services a few times over. Culture isn’t just about remote office environments and beer Fridays. One of the most basic needs from your employees is technology that works. And you’d be surprised how frequently that item is missing for users at businesses of all sizes.
  4. Clearly defined metrics and intelligence surrounding issues
    This is a bit of a next-level item, but it has a huge impact on making the life of a business owner easier – and that’s clearly defined metrics and intelligence surrounding IT support issues. It’s important to understand how quickly your employee’s requests are being resolved, but you can actually take your ticket and resolution data and use it to help you understand which technology is hampering employee productivity and how you can make improvements to that technology to reduce or eliminate a portion of your Help Desk tickets. While generally recommendations will come as technicians notice recurring issues, truly innovative organizations stand to gain a lot from a proactive look at your support data.

Really great IT support is what keeps your organization running efficiently. If a user is operating at 50% capacity, they can’t deliver, you lose money, they become frustrated and your customers miss out. Rather than losing customers, employees and cash – take a proactive approach to getting better managed IT support to help improve response and resolution times, customer service and business decisions. You’d be surprised at how much a slight budget increase can really return for you – and this is just a short list of the very tangible benefits that come with upgrading your support.