As you’re reading this, there are thousands of business professionals who still haven’t caught on to the value of 3D printers.  What would the world be like if you could Google a part to your soon-to-be-classic car and literally print it out in your home office? Not only would you not have to seek out some rare or expensive part, but you wouldn’t have to pay tax, pay shipping, or wait ten days toour creativity. Today, these affordable devices allow an individual genius to revolutionize the world inside their very own office, and for the cost of one month’s car payment. That empowers this generation of inventors and entrepreneurs to independently impact markets, even revolutionizing them, sparking a sort of renaissance of creativity.

This technology is here to stay and it represents your opportunity to undercut your competitors before they realize what’s happening.

The Future is Here

Taking files off your computer and creating 3-dimensional objects with them sounds like an idea straight out of science fiction. Yet, the process is exactly what it sounds like.

Confused? It helps to think in layers.

Printed Items

First, the article’s designed on the computer. This is where those boardroom ideas start getting the kinks worked out of them.  The digital model then becomes reality as the printer stacks layers on top of one another until you have a 3D prototype in your hands.

It’s undoubtedly a great trick, but how exactly do you as a business owner or executive benefit from having 3D printers?

Dramatically Reduce Cost

Professionals who have read about business failures may find this quote rather familiar: “Due to a lack of funding, the company collapsed”.

A 3D printer gives your organization more options while significantly lowering your expenses.

“Wait a minute,” You might be thinking, “What about the upfront costs? This company can’t afford to keep up with the Bill Gateses over a less than sure thing”.

Look at this way: How much do you spend on production?

How much goes to waste on excess inventory? What does a lengthy product design process cost your company in time, money, and resources?

Imagine being able to test products on the market quickly and cheaply. Imagine an affordable short run. Imagine spending less on shipping costs.  Companies have been using 3D printers to do all of that and more.

Impress Investors and Directors

Investors and shareholders don’t approve funds on a whim. These are people who are serious about turning profits. They’re not paying for abstract concepts couched in even vaguer language. They want to know that their money’s going towards something tangible.

Whether you’re contending with a complex sales cycle or you’re attempting to sell a venture capitalist on your latest idea, a prototype goes a long way towards making your vision contagious.

Between the economy and the current trend towards globalization, streamlining is in a company’s best interests. What would you do for a tool that could take your ideas and turn them into reality? How would your business model change?