It sounds like a toy from a futuristic science fiction novel, but later this year it will be a reality. Sony announced midweek they will be dropping the HMZ-T1, a personal 3D viewing headpiece.

The headset is made up of a 0.7 inch HD OLED screen said to be visually equal to a 62 foot screen.  The headset also includes virtual surround sound and can be used to watch movies and play videogames, regardless of hardware.

Those who tested the hardware like Sean Hollister from the site This is My Next said that the set is a little uncomfortable and is a little front heavy. For something he called visually “stunning,” however, customers will most likely be open to a bit of discomfort. After all, regular 3D glasses aren’t too comfy anyway.

Sony plans on releasing the headset in Japan first, on November 11. Its initial price in Japan will be the equivalent to $780. There have been no release dates selected for other countries as of yet.

Despite the few drawbacks of the headset’s construction, Sony will surely be able to improve upon its product over time. It has improved somewhat since January’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. There is was far from finished and no release dates had been planned.

The name of the product is a bit of a mouthful, so hopefully Sony comes out with a catchier name before it is released in the states.