College life can be better with the aid of gadgets. Since we are now living in a high-tech world, having the best gadgets can give a college student an edge when it comes to access to the latest information and up to date programs and applications.

Here are the three best gadgets for college students:


A college student no longer needs to bring his laptop to school. With his iPad, he can do a lot of things since it already has the functions of a laptop. The iPad is simply a must-have. With its large screen, one can use it to read e-books, take pictures, listen to music, and a lot more. It’s really useful for studying, organizing one’s schedule, and it’s a good source of entertainment. Its GPS also makes it handy when going around college communities.

There are a lot of things a student like you can do with the iPad. One of the popular applications for is Evernote which is perfect for note-taking. Using your iPad, you can take notes during class and this is automatically synched with your online account. This means that your notes can also be readily accessed with your computer. You can also organize your schedule as well as your homework and projects with iStudiezPro.

Apple is still working closely with academic publishing companies and universities so that the iPad can have a standard fair for viewing textbooks.


Another must have for college students is the smartphone. With its GPS locator you can easily find location of products and services which you need for college. It also enables users to link with social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. We all know that keeping up with friends, classmates, and teachers is part of college life. The smartphone is also a good communication tool- it enables students to make cheap calls, broadcast text messages, and have SMS conversations. The smartphone is also a good tool for organizing. You can stay on top of all your tasks since the phone comes with a task editor which lets you create, edit, and complete tasks. 

In fact, you can even have an entire encyclopedia in your smartphone. You can look up words in the mobile dictionary, visit the mobile edition of, and read books, news, and references using your smartphone.

Voice recorder

With the voice recorder, you can easily record your professor’s discussion so that you can listen and review it later. You can also use it to take your own notes after class so that you can pay close attention to lectures. Having this gadget can also let you do interviews for your research data gathering work. This gadget is also cheaper, you can buy one in less than $75.

As you can see, there are some great gadgets on the market today.  Make your life easier, more organized and up to date with technology by considering these three above.

Author: Lauren Tessin is the writer of, a website that offers the best student credit cards as well as a helpful college blog.