In this age of technology, it’s important to stay tuned into what’s new because of how quickly things can change. This week on the Magnet Minute, Amy shares some of her top website resources for staying up-to-date on all things, business, social media, and startups. is the top resource in terms of social media and how people are connecting through technology. Whether it pertains to business, lifestyle, or just plain fun, Mashable covers it. This should be your first stop for social media news and information.

Open Forum from American Express is another great one for digital news. The blog is written by Amex-cardholding business owners who share their experience in best business practices and marketing and PR with other businesses. Great peer-to-peer connections make the content easy to understand, regardless of your experience level.

PandoDaily is a great place to find out what’s hot in startups. Mainly centered around tech-driven companies, the site doesn’t overload you with every single company that’s launching and what they do. Instead, it highlights the most interesting stories of new businesses, each with a valuable takeaway to benefit your business.

What sources do you depend on every day for digital news? Leave them in the comments below!

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