We all know technology is a powerful entity, so much so that it can be overwhelming.

“So much to learn, so little time”….awwww

Before I hand you a box of tissues let me ask you three simple questions:

  1. Would you like to sweep that technology insecurity under the rug and learn about FREE, yes I said it, FREE tools that will assist you and make your computer use more enjoyable?
  2. Are you ready to find hidden gems others have been missing, simply because they don’t know where to look?
  3. Do you want to reap the many benefits of free, easy-to-use tools?

Hopefully, you answered “YES” to those questions.

Naturally, you are still wondering, *exactly* what these tools I speak of will help you do.

Here is a quick run down:

  • Audio extraction
  • Audio and Video Recording
  • Image Manipulation
  • Image and media management and sharing
  • High quality video production
  • Mind-mapping
  • HTML and Java script editor
  • Package, zip, compress and extract files
  • Speed typing
  • Clean up your system
  • Send and receive files to your website
  • Share files
  • Online backup
  • Communicate with friends, co-workers or family using video and/or phone.
  • Assist others by remotely connecting to their system or vice versa
  • Digital photo editing
  • Clipboard enhancement
  • Font management

Does that peak your interest?

If even one of those things is something you use your computer for, or would like to learn how to do, then keep reading, because, I have only just scratched the surface!!

Introducing… 22 Completely Free Productivity Enhancing Tools for the PC

(A note to Mac users: I’m sure your $1000.00 Mac already does all the things listed below right out of the box… as well as make Cole Slaw and eradicate world hunger. But us poor PC users have to depend on external tools to bring our computers up to your level. So, sorry, isn’t for you. Unless you want to buy it for one of your PC using friends. So, sit this one out and we’ll be back next week with a product you can use. )

In this video extravaganza, you are going to be introduced to 22 different tools, PLUS an extra bonus from the man himself, James J Jones. (more on this amazing new software bonus in a minute)

These videos will not just tell you where to go to download each tool absolutely FREE, but we will also show you how to utilize each software tool to its maximum potential!

Note: I’m just mentioning the free productivity tools here. If you also want the videos, you can get them for $7 here… + access to other 7 bucks offerings…

Video 1: Introduction to 22 Completely Free Productivity Enhancing Tools

Video 2: AoA Audio Extractor
A free tool that extracts the audio from video files then saves the audio as an MP3 file
Now you don’t have to be stuck at your computer watching those long boring videos! Just extract the audio and put it on your ipod. Now you have “training on the go!”

Video 3: Audacity
An easy to use audio recorder and editor.
Use this amazing tool when you need to quickly edit an audio or remove annoying background noise.

Video 4: Gimp
A powerful, free graphics manipulation software.
Almost all the features of Photoshop at ZERO the price!

Video 5: Paint
A fun graphics painting program.
If you have a PC then you already have this program. Now learn how to really use it and save yourself a bunch of precious time every day!

Video 6: PICASA
An image viewer and organizer, with editing features.
Because you know you need to organize your images.

Video 7: CamStudio
An awesome screencasting program that easily converts your work into standard AVI movie files.
The ZERO priced alternative to expensive Camtasia.

Video 8: PicPick
A computer program that offers numerous ways to edit digital photos.
When one why to edit images is not enough!

Video 9: OpenOffice
A program that offers all the perks of Microsoft Word, including PowerPoint and Excel, FREE!
Bite my Kangaroo A**, Microsoft! Now I’m free of your overpriced software… (tell Bill I said G’Day)

Video 10: Notepad-plus-plus
A free text editor.
You will be SHOCKED at all you can do with this amazing tool!

Video 11: XMind
Mind mapping software.
Just mind mapping software??? NO! Mind mapping software on freaking steroids! If this were a pharmaceutical it would only be allowed to be purchased behind the counter!

Video 12: Arachnophilia
“A powerful programming editor, with special HTML and production editing features.” (Alfred E Nerd)
Translation: it has special Spidey Sense which makes creating HTML documents extremely easy.

Video 13: 7-Zip
A free, open source file archiver. Similar to WinZip or WinRAR.
Hulk SMASH! Files now tiny. Hulk happy.

Video 14: Speedtyping
A canned response tool that allows you to setup keywords which will quickly convert to a response.
Here’s an example: Instead of typing, “A canned response tool that allows you to setup keywords which will quickly convert to a response…” I could have simply typed: Zzzzzzzz and Speedtyping would have magically entered the text for us.

Video 15: CC-Cleaner
A basic clean up tool for Windows.
Because Windows is messy. And most housekeepers don’t do Windows.

Video 16: Filezilla
A fast, reliable way to transfer files.
When it absolutely positively had to be there on time.

Video 17: Dropbox
A program that allows you to easily share and backup files.
In a nutshell: Using DropBox if you put a file on your laptop it magically appears on all your other computers. And Vice-versa. Think about it… Automatic backups… your files ALWAYS accessible… Life is good.

Video 18: CloudBerry
A desktop application that allows you to manage your files on a particular cloud service.
If you’re not in the cloud, you’re… grounded! Embrace the cloud… this tool makes it happen!

Video 19: Skype
A fantastic communication tool which allows you to chat via phone and/or video.
Tip: How to use Skype for file sharing.

Video 20: TeamViewer
A program that allows you to remotely connect to someone else’s computer system or vice versa, once given the access code.
When it’s hard to explain how to do it… just show them!

Video 21: FotoSketcher
A program that automatically turns your pictures into paintings, drawings or cartoons.
This is really handy for creating Kindle eBook illustrations. Cool, cool stuff… watch as James shows you how to create cartoons for a children’s eBook.

Video 22: Fonster
An easy to use font management software.
Maybe you didn’t know you needed one but once you start using it you’ll never know how you got along without it!