Question: Tablets are going to replace computers, or so we’re told. What are some tips for getting the most out of a pricey tablet in your small business?

Question by: Ashley

Everyone Has a Type

“While tablets have pretty awesome keyboards and touchscreens, we’re still very much programmed to type on a regular keyboard. Plus, you can really increase your efficiency while working on a table with a keyboard attachment.”

Danny Wong | Co-Founder, Blank Label Group, Inc.

Keep Your Tools

“OnLive Desktop gives you remote access to Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer. It’s perfect for doing work on the go, and along with a Bluetooth keyboard, your tablet can replace your computer when needed.”

Josh Weiss | Founder and President, Bluegala

Pitch the Clients

“Tablets are worth their money when you effectively use them in getting deals done. Make a practice of finding ways to incorporate your corporate tablets into client meetings. For example, if you’re a mobile development firm, you can do app demos on tablet to show the prospective customer how the app works. Or, replace pen-to-paper during meetings and take your notes on the sleek tablet instead.”

Doreen Bloch | CEO / Founder, Poshly Inc.

Don’t Be Cheap!

“Don’t be afraid to spend “too much” on apps. Applications like Keynote and Air Sharing that hit the $10 price point and add up are worth the extra money. To embrace the mobility that comes with tablets, you need to spend the money and time on creating systems that actually allow you to use the tablet in everyday business tasks. “

Jennifer Donogh | President, Ovaleye, LLC

Limit Your Gigs

“Don’t fall prey to the psychology of getting enough storage “in the event that you need it.” I currently have a 32GB iPad using that theory, and looking back, I could’ve gotten the 16GB and been more than covered. Tablets are ultimately for consumption and display, so content can be accessed via the cloud. Apps like Splashtop even let you access your desktop remotely via your tablet.”

Pete Chatmon | President + CEO, Double7 Images

Plan Ahead

“A data plan can save you time and money. Free wireless access isn’t quite ubiquitous yet, and you never know when you might need the Internet. I’ve been able to easily demo my product for potential investors and business partners in coffee shops and hotel lobbies, thanks to my data plan.”

Bhavin Parikh | CEO, Magoosh Test Prep

Pick Your Battles

“I quickly learned that while tablets are great for some business functions, they’re no means a replacement for more robust computers — yet. For instance, drafting a document that requires viewing multiple sources on the tablet is an exercise in frustration; on the other hand, they’re great when you need to focus on drafting one piece. Don’t try to make the tool fit the wrong activity.”

Charlie Gilkey | Principal, Productive Flourishing

The Tradeshow Star

“I always invest in having the best iPad available. I love to bring them to tradeshows, walk around and show live demos of my website to prospective clients. Tablets are a great tool for mobile presentations, and people love to geek out on the latest technology too — they may listen to your pitch if only to play with your cool tablet!”

Eric Bahn | Founder, Beat The GMAT

Mind Map Ideas

“I love mind maps, and although there are tons of tools to create mind maps on a desktop or laptop, using a tablet to create mind maps allows you to jot down ideas on the go. It also helps to visualize an idea from start to finish — without being distracted by the multitasking environment that a full computer offers.”

Nathalie Lussier | Creator, The Website Checkup Tool

Learn Your Target Medium

“If your customers are looking at your site or product on a tablet, make sure that you’re giving them a great experience. The fact that our online reporting dashboard renders nicely on an iPad is a big advantage for our company over some of our competitors.”

Allie Siarto | Partner, Director of Analytics, Loudpixel

Consume That Content

“Tablets are best for consuming content — downloading books and PDFs and streaming videos — and communicating with others. Make sure your tablet can do all of this, but be clear on its limits. Tablets aren’t computers, so certain features won’t be as good, if even possible.”

Ash Kumra | Co-Founder,

Get Creative With Clients

“If you have retail business, why can’t the tablets replace the regular menus or brochures? Why not have an in-house sale that’s only available on your tablet (yes, not even on your website)? How about replacing the whole POS for a tablet with POS app. Let clients use and have fun with them.”

Devesh Dwivedi | CEO, Breaking The 9 To 5 Jail

Download Apps Wisely

“When people get tablets, they often head for the App Store and download hundreds of apps that just add more confusion, more chaos and more inefficiencies to their businesses. Instead, download the apps that compliment the programs you already use in your business so you can create a seamless workflow, instead of adding more steps to it.”

Erin Blaskie | CEO, BSETC

Got a Pen?

“Whether it’s scribbling down notes, making mind maps or drawing crude prototype images, the ten bucks I spent on a pen for my iPad has completely changed it from being solely a consumption device to a creative resource.”

Sean Ogle | Founder, Location 180, LLC

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