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Why Cultural Intelligence is Crucial for Business & Communications

You’ve probably read about emotional intelligence, artificial intelligence and intelligence quotient. Now, many experts argue that cultural intelligence is…

William Comcowich
August 13, 2020

10 Tips for a Perfectly Irresistible Blog Post

Blogs influence the buying intentions of 63% of Internet users. Does it make you want to boost your blog…

Connor Brooke
February 26, 2018

9 Actionable Tips to Improve Your Writing Right Now!

Do you think your writing skills are not good? Is writing difficult for you, huh? Do you wonder, how…

Connor Brooke
November 28, 2016

How Good Writing Can Help Your Small Biz Succeed

Every one of us is a writer of some shape or form. From journals to blogs and emails and…

Connor Brooke
September 21, 2015
Small Business

Content and SEO Partner to Increase Website Traffic

We have all heard it said, Content is king. But what is content? Content is the text, hyperlinks, images, videos,…

Connor Brooke
September 3, 2015
Content Marketing

Six Writing Tips From ‘Everybody Writes’

For some reason, I always find myself in the same chaotic situation when it comes to industry books. I have travels…

James Spillane
February 4, 2015

How to Write Better Emails and Make Them Work for You

Emailing is perhaps the most effective way to communicate in the workplace. It certainly is the quickest and easiest.…

Connor Brooke
January 30, 2015
Email Marketing

5 Simple Tricks To Write Successful Guest Posts

Guest post writing has its own secrets of success, and if you consider it something really simple, you are…

James Spillane
January 13, 2014

PR Writing Guide: Tips to Become a Jack of All Trades

With all the roles PR pros play, they must master different writing styles to publish effective press releases, social…

Alan Draper
December 4, 2013
Public Relations

7 Pro Tips on Time Management for Digital Publishers

image credit: graeme weatherstone/freedigitalphotos.net There’s just no escaping the fact that digital publishing is really time consuming, if you’re doing…

James Spillane
November 18, 2013

How Often Should I Write? Continuous Content Is Not A Solution

Producing content for your business should never be about frequency, but how the information is shared within your community. The best…

Connor Brooke
August 7, 2013

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