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Joe Biden is Asking for Help From Hackers in New AI Plan of Action

Joe Biden’s administration on Thursday announced that it will be asking for help from hackers to probe artificial intelligence…

Joel Frank
May 5, 2023

3 Key Spin Words and Why They Matter

Media outlets often use words and phrases that aren’t fact-based, objective or measurable. Instead, they’re inherently vague, subjective and…

Connor Brooke
January 18, 2018

Drone Crashes Into White House Complex

A drone crashed into the White House complex around 3 a.m. Monday, possibly providing the Federal Aviation Administration with…

Connor Brooke
January 26, 2015
US News

Congress Invites Netanyahu To Visit Without Asking Obama

Congress has invited Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to address the House and Senate next month without asking President Obama.…

Alan Draper
January 21, 2015
Government & Politics

North Korea Threatens The White House

North Korea is not happy with the United States after the FBI pointed the finger firmly at the country…

Alan Draper
December 22, 2014
World News

Cuomo Revises Quarantine Policy For Ebola In New York Amid White House Pressure

The White House is pushing hard against the Ebola quarantine policies put in place by New York and New…

Connor Brooke
October 26, 2014
Government & Politics

Scientists To Discuss Fighting Ebola With Robots

Medical scientists and robotics experts are teaming up to consider the possibility of using robots to battle the Ebola…

Jay Leonard
October 19, 2014
Social Buzz

Mitt Romney 2016: Could It Happen?

Mitt Romney failed in two bids for the presidency and has been adamant that he isn’t about to embark…

Jay Leonard
October 3, 2014
Social Buzz

White House Security Breaches Cause Secret Service Director To Resign

Julia Pierson, the director of the Secret Service, resigned on Wednesday after multiple breaches of White House security under…

James Spillane
October 1, 2014
Social Buzz

White House Doors Boast Automatic Locks After Security Breaches

The White House has faced surprising security breaches in recent days, and in response, new locks have been installed.…

Jay Leonard
September 30, 2014
Social Buzz

Sarah Palin’s ‘1400 Pennsylvania Avenue’ Slip Spurs Humor, Mockery

At a Values Voters Summit Friday, Sarah Palin took the podium to talk about, seemingly, truth in media and…

Connor Brooke
September 27, 2014
Social Buzz

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