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Choosing the Right Photos For Your Website & Online Brand

How smart companies use images to boost their online presence You might think for an agency that does so…

Susan Friesen
June 1, 2021

Website Spring Cleaning: 6 Tips to Update Your Online Presence

See Why Now’s A Great Time To Update Your Website – And How Be honest: how much Spring cleaning…

Susan Friesen
May 17, 2021
Web Design

What Google’s New Core Web Vitals Rankings Mean For Small Businesses

O How To Navigate The Latest Google May 2021 Update I know how important Google rankings are for small…

Susan Friesen
May 5, 2021

Using Images In Your Website: What You Need To Know

Best Practices For Using Photos and Graphics in Web Design Let’s update the old cliché. If a photo is…

Susan Friesen
April 21, 2021
Web Design

How a Company Rebranded, Redesigned & Redefined a Small Business

A Case Study on Innovative Sleep Solutions, Surrey, BC The team at eVision Media loves helping small business owners…

Susan Friesen
January 12, 2021

Exceptional Content Marketing Starts with Exceptional Product Pages

Product pages make sense to e-commerce companies. Consumers must land on specific pages to make a purchase. But if…

Jean Dion
October 19, 2020
Content Marketing

Website Redesign: What You Must Know for Marketing

If you have a website that is more than two years old since its last update, it may be…

Angela Foglesong
June 11, 2020
Web Design

5 Types of Content Your Website Needs to Make Users Explore More

Let’s say users landed on your website from the search engines and found the answers to their questions. Then…

Manisha Sukhyani
February 18, 2020
Content Marketing

The Importance of Effective Homepage Design [Infographic]

What happens when you try to sell a car with broken windscreen, worn-out paint and missing tire? No offers,…

Jay Leonard
October 1, 2019

8 Steps To Building Websites That Boost Conversion Rates

Imagine improving your website conversion rate by 25%. It sounds outlandish, but I’ve seen it happen firsthand thanks to…

Connor Brooke
July 5, 2019
Digital Marketing

Data-Driven Web Design: How to Convert Your Website Into a Revenue-Generating Machine

Many websites are designed in the hopes that visitors will complete an action. To think that a website designed…

James Spillane
May 30, 2019
Web Design

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