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Google Data Studio: 3 Easy Steps To Your Website Analytics

Have you ever wondered what percentage of your website visitors are returning, how long they stay on your website…

James Spillane
April 21, 2017
Digital Marketing

Psst — No News Might Be Bad News

If you’re not hearing from your data analysts, it could be that everything is fine, your website humming along…

James Spillane
December 9, 2016
Big Data

Web Analytics: Joining Up the Dots

Marketers today have access to vast pools of data and associated analytics, all of which can provide a clear…

Connor Brooke
July 31, 2015
Digital Marketing

5 Steps to Maximize Your Website Performance Using Call Tracking

It’s tempting to get caught up in web metrics when you’re trying to evaluate site performance. Putting focus on:…

Alan Draper
December 1, 2014
Integrated Marketing

Can You Hear Me Now? Three Questions to Ensure You’re Listening to Your Audience

With inspirations such as Apple and Facebook starting from garages and dorm rooms and becoming multi-billion dollar companies, having…

James Spillane
August 25, 2014
Customer Experience

How to Use Google Analytics For Your Local Business Website

According to studies by BIA Kelsey and Google, 97% of consumers go online to research products locally and 90% of consumers use search…

James Spillane
September 21, 2013
Online Marketing

How to Use Google Analytics for PR

I recently attended a Google Analytics training class, in San Francisco, put on by Cardinal Path. And now I’m here…

Alan Draper
February 18, 2013
Public Relations

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