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Reading Web Content In Your Preferred Language

欢迎光临! That’s Welcome in Simplified Chinese. I could have written that in Spanish or French but with today’s tip,…

Connor Brooke
June 25, 2015
Digital Marketing

4 Reasons Why Your CMS Should Support a Decoupled Architecture

The psychological theory of the Paradox of Choice states that the presence of too many options causes cognitive distress…

Alan Draper
May 5, 2015

5 Types of Web Content That Will Drive You More Traffic

If you’re running a business with an online presence then it’s unlikely to have escaped your attention that you…

Jay Leonard
April 28, 2015
Content Marketing

How Misleading or Inaccurate Website Content Can Harm Your Business

If you were running a high street store and you gave out inaccurate or misleading information on a regular…

James Spillane
January 2, 2015
Online Marketing

Google’s Panda 4.1 – Small Websites Can Compete

People who keep track of things like this have dubbed Google’s newest Panda algorithm tweak Panda 4.1, although Google…

Alan Draper
October 6, 2014

3 Content Myths That Are Killing Your Bottom Line

If you’re like every other business owner with a content marketing strategy, you’re publishing all of those pieces to…

James Spillane
August 13, 2014
Content Marketing

Content Marketing – Is Longer Really Better?

Without a doubt, this is one of the most frequent questions I get in emails, on forums, and during…

Alan Draper
July 21, 2014
Content Marketing

Clap Along If Your Content Strategy Feels Like A Room Without A Roof

It might seem crazy what I’m about to say… But it’s been more than six months since Pharrell’s mega-hit…

Jay Leonard
July 8, 2014
Content Marketing

Is Your Content Marketing Strategy a Big, Fat Failure?

You’ve listened to the experts, and you’ve decided to make content a part of your internet marketing campaign.  Congratulations!…

Jay Leonard
June 10, 2014
Content Marketing

Content Marketing Success = Succeeding At These 5 Tasks

It’s one thing to know that your business needs to come up with a content marketing strategy.  However, it’s…

James Spillane
May 20, 2014
Content Marketing

Does Your Business Use the “Hey Bernice!” Approach to Marketing?

During my college Broadcast Writing class years ago, my professor, who had worked alongside giant names in journalism like…

James Spillane
May 5, 2014

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