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Call Center vs. Contact Center: The Difference For Businesses

Many people think that call center and contact center are synonyms. The terms are often used interchangeably when, in…

Grace Lau
November 8, 2021

Basics of Automated Call Distributor Systems & Why Customer Service Needs it

With customers across all generations preferring to use the phone to reach out for support instead of sending an…

Grace Lau
July 13, 2021

A Step-By-Step Guide For Website Migration That Keeps SEO & Traffic Intact

If you’re a website owner, chances are you’ll face the challenge of overhauling your website someday. Website migration is…

Grace Lau
July 4, 2021
Cloud Computing

Switching to VoIP: Everything You Need to Know

The growing digitalization has caused a massive paradigm shift in the ways we communicate. Unlike earlier times, when you…

Chanakya Kyatham
June 18, 2021

The Role of VoIP in the Evolution of Business Productivity

From the day we came into existence on this planet, we have seen various forms of communication. From sending…

Connor Brooke
October 31, 2019

Can a Small Business Make Digital Transformation Pay for Itself?

All over the world, digitization services firms are queuing up to help small businesses integrate their operations into the…

Jay Leonard
March 1, 2018
Small Business

3 Factors Driving Business VoIP Growth Through 2021

New data on the growth rates of voice over IP (VoIP) for business suggest that the technology is moving…

Jay Leonard
December 19, 2017
Tech & Gadgets

The State of Business VoIP and Where It’s Headed in 2018

Voice over IP (VoIP) is such a hot topic because it has become the new default backbone for business…

Jay Leonard
November 19, 2017

Boost Your Customer Experience with VoIP Based Communications

Customers service is easy, right? You just have to smile, be polite and efficiently resolve any problems your customers…

Connor Brooke
June 15, 2017
Customer Experience

3 Ways VoIP Will Supercharge Your Small Biz Marketing Strategy

Voice Over Internet Protocol [VoIP] might sound like a term that’s confusing, nerdy & requires a maths degree to…

Connor Brooke
May 24, 2017

Before You Cut the Cord: Landlines…Who Needs Them?

In these days of cellphones, voice-over-IP and internet-based messaging, many people are canceling their landline telephone service. The expense…

James Spillane
July 28, 2015

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