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Minecraft Is Getting A New Story-Based Game From TellTale Studios

Minecraft creator, Mojang, and TellTale, the creators of The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones games, are now working…

Alan Draper
December 18, 2014
Tech & Gadgets

2K Sports Ups the Ante With WWE 2K15

Once upon of time, EA Sports had a virtual strangle hold on the sports gaming industry, and all those…

James Spillane
October 8, 2014
Social Buzz

Tetris Movie Promises Live Action, Sci-Fi, And More Than Shapes

If you’re wondering how the Nintendo Gameboy classic Tetris could ever function as a live-action movie with a full…

Jay Leonard
September 30, 2014
Social Buzz

Will Turning The Bible Into A Video Game Bring Families Together In Faith? [Video]

The Bible is the most widely distributed book in the world, with the largest number of copies. Hundreds of…

Jay Leonard
September 7, 2014
Social Buzz

The Top 10 Urban Myths of Gaming (Infographic)

There can be no doubt that games today can change lives. Many repressed individuals who might be dangerous to…

Jay Leonard
August 19, 2014

The Past, Present and Future of the ECA

Those who follow the video game industry are no doubt familiar with the Entertainment Software Association or ESA. Responsible…

Jay Leonard
February 18, 2013

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