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2 Key Reasons Why UX is Integral to Search Optimization

Not too long ago, many within the SEO industry basked in the glory of successfully attaining top page Google rankings…

Jay Leonard
May 17, 2015

8 Ways to Build a Thriving Online Community

Communities are essential to shaping our identities. They bring people together through a common activity or belief and provide us…

Jay Leonard
May 11, 2015
Online Communities

3 Simple Website Add-ons That Will Increase Your Conversion in 2015

Imagine you’re on a trip to another country. You get out of the plane and hear a foreign language that…

James Spillane
April 4, 2015
Online Marketing

The Story Behind the Infamous Hamburger Icon

The hamburger icon is, undoubtedly, number one in showing hidden menus. Do you go on social media at least once…

Connor Brooke
March 9, 2015
BrandViews / ActiveMobi

Deck the Halls With Lots of Beacons

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house not a beacon was stirring, at least not yet anyways. While…

Jay Leonard
December 19, 2014
Customer Experience

3 Lessons in Great UX, From the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Almost all of us have had the experience of buying seats online—airline seats, stadium seats, concert seats. And we're all…

James Spillane
December 11, 2014
Digital Marketing

Why You Should Make Time for Website Prototyping

What is a website prototype? Website prototypes are low-fidelity mock-ups of a website that can be used to test ideas,…

James Spillane
November 21, 2014

If Design Thinking Works for Your Digital Products, Why Not for Your Corporate Strategy?

The shift is on. In nearly every vertical, it seems, company leaders are recognizing that the the traditional, data model-driven,…

Connor Brooke
October 20, 2014

7 Rules of Content Marketing Design That Convert Customers [SlideShare]

Let’s say that your content is great; and you’re also being effective at promoting it. What else could you do…

Connor Brooke
May 8, 2014
Content Marketing

Online Resources for Web Design Usability and User Experience Testing

User Experience (UX) testing is an essential part of a website redesign. The term UX refers to the ease with…

James Spillane
May 5, 2014
Online Marketing

What Content Marketing And First Dates Have In Common (SlideShare)

Ok. So you’ve figured out how to get people to visit your content. Now, how do you make sure that…

Jay Leonard
March 22, 2014
Content Marketing

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