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User Research Methods & Its Relevance for Enterprises [Infographic]

Without an objective understanding of your customers’ behavior patterns and drives, it is close to impossible to create offerings…

Srinidhi Rao
April 5, 2020

3 Questions To Ask Yourself When Your Product Marketing Isn’t Working

I love talking about tactical marketing, but the best marketing tactics won’t help you if your market fit is…

Mason Pelt
April 8, 2016

Web Analytics and User Experience – How They Can Work Together

There has been a lot of discussions lately around web analytics and how it ties in with UX. Whereas…

Jay Leonard
September 17, 2013
Customer Experience

Usability: How Do You Convince Them to See the World Through a Different Lens?

A friend asked me if I could take a quick look at a web interface that he was building.…

Jay Leonard
January 8, 2013
Product Management

Usability: What a Project Manager Needs to Know

Usability testing, as a part of a web or mobile development process, involves bringing in actual or representative users…

James Spillane
January 3, 2013
Product Management

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